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First Marijuana Experience

Almost Trippy

This is my 1st “Trip” experience story, my name is Holly (for security purposes) and I will be telling my story in 1st and 3rd person point of view for added effect! Thank-You for reading!
    I quickly developed a strong interest and curiosity in mind altering substances the moment I came upon my first substance. This substance was marijuana, the golden green plant, my lady friend. People don’t always realize how deep she can take you into your own sub consciousness. She can definitely press you to your consciousness's limits and change your life for the better as it has mine! (Switching to 3rd person)
There I was, I was finally there, sitting in that beat up car I had dreamed about for years to be in. To be a part of what goes on in that car. I shuttered as we passed a copper remembering just what I was getting myself into. There were two gals in front of me, one was blonde and one was black haired.(We will call them blondie and blackie) Blackie who was driving noticed the copper the same time I did and glanced in her rearview mirror settling her gaze on my big dark green eyes bugging nervously out of my head. I was squirming and she noticed my discomfort. “Hey Holly,...” she said as she handed me what looked like a twisted glass spoon with two bumps. “Like it? I named him twister!” She met my eyes again. I glanced down and turned it around in my hand wondering what she had handed me but I played it cool. I reminded myself that I had done this before, lots of times. (I was trying to convince myself that that statement didn’t give me any less guts even if it wasn’t true) “He’s cute!” I said with a long pause before answering her question. I handed back Twister and she handed me a cigarette. It helps with my nerves she said. I graciously grabbed for the cigarette which blondie lit once in my mouth. I took a long smooth drag and exhaled happy at the feeling of my worries going out the open windows. I had just finished my cig when we pulled up into a fairly ghetto part of the neighborhood, which I didn’t mind at all, and made a sharp turn into an alleyway and pulled into a tiny houses dirt drive. I hesitantly glanced up and saw a black girl coming out of her house with a big smile on her face. “You coming?” Blackie said as she hunched over peering inside the windshield area of the car. “Absolutely!” I said as I quickly hopped out and threw my cig butt on the ground scurrying behind them.
 The black girl led us into her house which was about the size of a master bedroom divided into two. One side was her bedroom with a curtain covering that half and the other side was like cool cave heaven! It was very dark when all four of us traipsed in with thick curtains covering all the windows. The curtains were actually black light tapestries featuring trippy things from black light rainbows to a caterpillar smoking a hookah sitting on a giant red and white mushroom! Blackie and I took a seat on a couch to the left and blondie in a chair across from the couch. I looked to my left and saw four 3 by 3 foot subs (massive speakers) stacked on top of each other reaching the ceiling! Black girl took a seat in a chair to my left and picked up a tray full of all sorts of funny gadgets I hadn’t seen before. There was a wooden grinder, a glass one hitter, a resin brush cleaner/scraper and a little baggie of some funny smelling “leaves”. I was getting a kick out of the flashing gentle strobe lights flashing green blue and red in little dots all over the walls and twisting and turning and making funny shapes. Black girl picked up the “leaf” bag smelled it and handed it to blondie which smelled it and then blackie who smelled it and handed it to me. I slowly lifted it to my nose locking eyes with blondie and sniffed in a little and sneezed! “Good stuff huh!” Black girl said. “Ya!” I replied wondering what on earth that could be that smelled so strong and kind of like dirt! Black girl then grinded the bud poured it out and pinched pieces of it into the glass looking spoon. Looking up at each one of us she said “Ok who wants to toke first?” Blondie leaned forward grabbing the piece and said “I will!”
We all stared at her with wide open eyes as she lit the top of the bowl and slowly and steadily inhaled. She passed the piece to Blackie, gently leaned back in her squeaky chair. She puffed her cheeks out holding her breath and eventually breathed out after some time. The smoke curled and swirled around the room in a thick, gray, potent smelling haze. Blackie had already lit the piece and was holding in her breath as she passes the piece to me. I awkwardly grabbed at the glass trying to hold it and not spill out the contents. I ever so slowly attempted to balance the piece in my right hand and switched to my left when I realized I had to hold the lighter. I touched the orange yellow flame to the “leaves” and put my mouth to the circle part at the end of the glass and inhaled. I breathed out immediately having no curling smoke leave my lips. The black girl grabbed the bowl and said “Here..” she continued to show me that I must hold the glass slightly tilted and cover a little hole at the same time I breathed in. She gave the glass back to me and I tried to breath in again. This time she told me to hold it in for as long as possible but the thick smoke came into my lungs quicker then I thought it would. Before I could I bent over while handing the piece and lighter to black girl coughing and coughing because my throat was hot and my tongue had a strange sensation, it was all tingly! Blackie who was sitting next to me handed me her ice tea which I took graciously and sucked down which really helped. My throat calmed down when black girl had lit the bowl and started coughing too. I handed her the cup which she took and sipped slowly. We continued this coughing and passing refilling the bowl and some more coughing and passing for a good half hour till blondie stopped taking the piece and so did black girl. It got to the point where blackie and I kept passing to each other and forgot that one of us had the bowl or lighter losing the lighter multiple times as we passed.
 Things started to get funny at first, everything anyone said was so funny. Black girl had said something about her grandma living next door and something about a grandma was so so funny! We all started cracking up about her grandma to tears and blackie  said" “what are we laughing at!? hahahahaha” through a cramping stomach! After that things started getting really crazy. My body was not in control of itself. My mind did not know what gravity was so I was physically and visually floating a bit with my arms and head sinking and rising and slumping over. My mind was going 1000 miles a second and my head eventually fell back and my eyes opened and looked up. I thought I was seeing things but this girl had literally put big neon letters all over her ceiling which was totally awesome to look at. Glowing and pulsating and swimming the letters looked as if they were dancing! Black girl picked up a small black rectangle and pushed on it which then made the music come on.
 You have never heard music until you have heard it while intoxicated on certain substances, the one I was currently on was one of them! She had some techno-bass music playing which just swam over me in metaphorical deep blue waves and crashed onto my sandy consciousness's shores. The music swam through my pumping veins and encompassed my fast beating heart with warmth and compassion and euphoria! My mouth had been talking for a long time, I am usually a very very quite person but I had no control over my mouth or my body. You must let go, go with the flow of the music and the other peoples vibes filling the room threatening to burst and show the world our passion and creativity. I had started talking in a strong Mexican, Italian and Jamaican accent on cue when I had no experience in these dialects at all. I peaked as I lost track of time, of place, of who I was and was simply experiencing what was graciously being handed to me. I was full of warmth and compassion never wanting things to go back the way they were. My vision starting jarring and starting breaking off before my eyes like a very very old movie reel that had been slowed down. My vision was showing me multiple snapshots of slow-mo real time and had visual black breaks between slides. I was at peace in this moment with my friends, with the world I lived in no matter the thoughts I had against it, and this moment gave me hope for all humanity.
 I have been regularly partaking in this action for years after my first partake and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since! This particular day being by far one of my most favorite times in my life. I am a calmer, less agitated, more hopeful and much less depressed person from this and the many times following. I do heed one word of safety though, when you can’t lift the bowl to your lips because you can barely register to do so, STOP! You CAN take too much and it was the most consciously painful experiences in my whole life. I have shattered bones before and it is much much more painful in a different realm of consciousness pushing myself too far. You can do nothing but sit through it waiting for time to change what your feeling but you have no sense of time so you just bear the pain and weight willing it with all your might to stop! Pay close attention to you tolerance level and just because you friends are taking more tokes than you just means that it is taking longer for them to feel what your feeling. It sucks for them not you because more substance must be used to achieve the same effects. Also your throat starts to kill you if you toke way too much for instance if its bad substance. Respect the green goddess and she will treat you well showing you her love and kindness through music. Take advantage of this gift, share and whatever your religion karma exists in all. Above all else RESPECT the substance and do not force yourself. Everyone is different and amount has ZERO worth as to “manhood” or “toughness”. RESPECT MUSIC LOVE PEACE HOPE and chill the &*#@ out! That is what I have graciously and thankfully been taught.

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