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A Place to get away

Once a week; tues.

Once a week; tues. afternoon, my friends and I take an hour's trip down an old logging road, deep into the bush.
The road comes to a bridge with beautiful rapids, cliffs, and swimming holes.
Three quarters of the way to the bridge we eat 2grams and continue to the bridge. Once there we grab our packs, eat 2more grams( if needed) and head along the rapids to the bottom. There is a rock cut that jets out into the river and a sand bar on the other side.
It is here were the gods come alive.
We swim and simply enjoy the view. I haven't descibed this journey to well because it is simply indiscibable. To anyone who enjoys nature as we do I recommend you get out to the woods with your closest friends, and let the Dragonfly's take you away.
We have done this every Tues. throughout the summer and have been spiritualized each time.

"sitting on a cornflake"

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