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A Kid Again

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My first experience with shrooms was this past monday at a friends house. There were about 6 of us that were gonna be participating in this journey but 5 of us had never done them before. After the drive I ate up my half an 1/8th and proceeded to wait for the trip. Everyone else that was shrooming had aready taken theirs on the way to the friends house so they were already feeling them but because I was driving I decided that it would be better for everyone if I waited. So as soon as i ate up my share me and my homie decided to go for a walk. At this point he was really feeling the shrooms and was trying to describe every feeling he could to me. I understood most of what he was saying and I couldn't wait for it. Soon more and more of my friends joined us in our walk which just kept getting longer and longer. Now I'm not really sure of the affects of when I was coming up but all of a sudden everything just made sense. I looked around me and just tried to take everything in. Everything made me so happy. It made me feel like a kid again. I thought back to all those times when I was younger and I would go out and explore. Everything i saw amazed me, like i had never really seen it before until now. By the time or walks had eneded I was really trippin hard. Everything I looked at had a wave effect similiar to the ocean but instead of being scared I was intrigued. Trees looked colorful and everything felt so soft. Probably the most interesting part of the walk as when I ventured into and area covered by a low hanging tree. Under the tree everything turned green, my shirt, my hands, the cars, there was even a green mist there. Just Amazing. In a house nearby someone was playing the piano and at the time I was so happy that tears came to my eyes. Then when we returned to the house I layed down on a matress to relax. The walls and celing seemed as if they were breathing. I had never seen anything like it. Now the peak was subsiding and the comedown was apparent. Me and my friend that went on the walk the first time started to talk about everything that pissed us off and bothered us. At one point the conversation became so intense that we were yelling out loud. To a normal person this would have seemed wierd but getting all of this stuff of my chest made me even happier. For the rest of the night we just talked about what happened to us today and how we couldn't wait to do it again. Now i didn't see any strong hallucinations which was fine. If every mushroom trip is like this then that's just fine with me.

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