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Level 5; 3 tabs; 3rd time

A crazy level 5 story

So there i was, just got the 3 tabs and have been being eager all week to take them. Finally the weekend comes around and I get my hands on them. My friends were planning on just smoking some bud so they promised they'd watch me. Boy was i wrong, apparently they got some blue dream and were extremely tired right when i was peaking. 

Anyways it was about 10 PM and i took two after watching a movie at the movie theatre, i got a ride back to my friends house with another friend and started to feel that nice little vibe in the back of your spinal cord just surging its way up and down. It took about 30 minutes until i gave up with waiting and took the 3rd tab. Boy was i wrong on taking that....especially since i found out from my dealer that they were double dipped tabs 10 minutes after taking the 3rd one. Well I figured if i went in with a good sense of power that i could overcome the bad trip and conquer my ego and mind. It actually worked for the most part.

I was sitting in his room and it hit me like a bag of bricks. The world became a surge of power that kept swaying in perfect formation with each other  My friends faces were melting which kinda scared me but i got over it. I was thirty and wanted some fresh air so we went and walked to the gas station and got some gatorade. The walk there was one of the most life-changing, scary events I've ever had. As i was walking i had my friends Beats on and it sounded amazing. That's when things became very very bad. I was listening to Lofticries and the music began to melt and slow down just as the world did around me. i couldn't take a step because my legs kept becoming slumped over and i tried to talk to my friends but it sounded like "Guys, i think I'm tripping t-bla bloo bloom in a deep kinda slowed down tone. By then i thought i was losing touch with the world and wanted to go back, but i kept my cool and kept on going, scared as fuck that I was going to walk into the street or something. I made it there and walked inside, now this was very confusing. I went and bought my gatorade, scared to shit that the guy knew i was tripping and the guy looked very scared. I couldn't even swipe my card for a good 30 seconds and finally it was done. I was waiting for my friends and every time i was like hey guys, i turned to see him ask me "hey do these chips look good?" then i turn the other way and the exact same image and him saying it keep repeating. I was freaking out and saw the cans of bean dip. I grabbed on to them for dear life and held on to the only thing i could call reality. My friends finally bought their stuff and had to grab me and look at me to tell me we were leaving because this loud sound prevented me from hearing anything. The walk back was quite enjoyable, as i started to grasp that i needed to accept the trip and not freak out. We got back to his house and started eating pizza we had ordered. It was really weird since i could feel the pizza running threw my whole body. They fell asleep, and i was stuck inside with nothing but my computer.  I went outside (terrible terrible idea) and ran to a park about a mile away. Bats were out that night and kept multiplying and it felt like they were swarming me so I started walking the track and in an instance i saw in the exact same direction, parallel to mine, a mirror image of me. I WAS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, especially since we were coming toward each other and finally i took off my headphones and heard a guy singing. It was just another guy, but it was me and i was peaking way too hard and told him 
(me) i was tripping. It helped me back to my friends house and i was back inside, safe and sound. I listened to music the rest of the night until about 6AM i finally fell asleep. It was a crazy night but i knew it was over and i could ponder on it for the rest of my life.  did i really reach lvl 5? maybe, maybe not, but id like to think so just so i can say that. It was more of a high level 4 or a low level 5. 

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