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Most intense trip so far

LSD Magic!

           To start off this trip report, I want to say that LSD is not a joke and should be taken with proper preparation, so research first, dose second! So when I took this trip I was 15, I had started taking psych's a month or so before this, I believe this was my third time dosing up. The night before I decided I wanted to trip, Lucy was around heavy so I could chill with her in the blink of an eye. I called up my dude, and bought 4 space tabs. This would be the most I'd taken so far, my first two times were unsatisfactory with 2 hits each time. I felt like four would do the trick. I got up the next day, it was a comfortably warm sunny day (this was around mid spring) and around 10:00am my mom asked me if I wanted to walk the dog with her to the store. I agreed and decided to drop my tabs. It's about a 30 minute walk to the store from my house, so I let the tabs sit under my tongue as we walked. They turned to mush and I swallowed them.  As we neared the store, I started getting that "something's happening" feeling in my stomach that I usually get when the acid begins to take effect. We arrive at the store and I sit outside with my dog while my mom runs into the store. I stare at the ground as it calmly and fluidly morphs in a lava-like way. My mom comes out and we begin to walk back, I awkwardly walk watching the houses breathe mildly and I'm being very quiet opposed to talking the whole way there so my mom asks me what's up. When she says my name it sounded like some kind of Japanese word so I laugh my ass off. I just tell her I have a stomach ache and we proceed to go home. By the time we arrive back everything is rapidly, yet fluidly breathing and morphing in such unison I was in awe. I immediately run up to my room and start listening to some MGMT and dubstep. I lay on my bed staring at the fractal vortex on my ceiling, this is where it hit me that I was really in for a ride, up until then I never saw fractals so clearly and so vividly before, they were always faint outlines. I go downstairs and smoke a cigarette, I am amazed at how the smoke takes on a snake-like form as it rises into the air. It's now about an hour and a half into my trip and I'm peaking hard. I go outside and walk down my trail into the woods behind my house. The trees all move together in unison, their branches fluidly swaying, into each other and out of each other. The tree bark rapidly "slithers" (the best way I can describe it) through each other (if you've ever seen tree trunks while tripping you should get an idea). I continue walking down the trail and I decide to sit down, I had bike jumps and things to sit and chill on back there so it was pretty comfortable. The whole world appeared to be swaying from side to side, and I begin to have an audio hallucination. It's hard to describe clearly, but it was almost like the wind whistling very loudly. I then decide to take my bike back there and do some jumps, it was a blast. The thing that I remember  most vividly about this trip was the sky. For one, the cloud were forming very abstract figures/objects, but what truly amazed me was how the sky was one HUGE intricate fractal. It appeared as if the fractals were all coming together from all directions to a center point, branching off and coming together symmetrically, yet as they were coming to the center point they were coming OUT of the center point! So by now I'm about 2 hours into my trip, its about 12pm. I call up my two best friends at the time, and they just say "alright, we'll break out the paintball guns". So they arrive and we go to the local shady gas station to pick up some spice, and we return back to the woods behind my house. We smoke some spice, and after getting blasted we play some paintball. This is where the trip takes a turn. My mom comes back into the woods, she doesn't like my one friend, so she promptly calls the police stating that we have real guns *shaking my head* . We leave and go across the street and proceed to roll up another spice joint. Next thing you know the cops come in squad deep, like we were terrorists. We chuck the spice (never found it either), and the cops search us, as well as the bag we had all the paintball guns in. They were about to let us go when they find the rifle shaped pellet gun, that had metal pellets. It turns out that this particular gun was not allowed to be carried around without a permit, because it was larger than a certain standard. Sad part was, the cops started playing around with the guns, and one cop even said "I'll let you go if you let me shoot you from here" (like 5ft away) motioning with the metal pellet rifle. The cops take me home because I was a minor, and my friends leave. I couldn't leave to go meet up with my friends because my mom convinced the cops to post up everywhere in the area of my house. I was mad because my mom was crazy, and I lost my spice. I sat in my room mad as hell, but I changed my perspective on the situation and started enjoying my trip again. I ended my trip by listening to soothing music until I fell asleep. Definitely was a good trip, had a bump along the way, but using the tool that is your perception I ended my trip on a good note. If I rambled on a bit I apologize, but I hope you liked it! leave questions and comments (:

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