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A parking lot and some Pink Floyd

This would be my second time doing shrooms.

This would be my second time doing shrooms. My first experience was great and I was ready to become experienced again.

We had a total of 5 people that were tripping this time; everyone had done shrooms before except one of my friends. Everyone had 1/8 to eat except my friend and I; we had 1 extra gram each. It was a bit difficult getting a hold of the shrooms because the only person we knew to get them from only sold an ounce at a time so we had to get other people to buy some. But we worked hard all week to get them because we had planned to do them for a long time.

We decided to go to a park in our town this time. It's a very big park with soccer fields, baseball fields, a skatepark, and even some hiking trails.

We were all very excited to do shrooms so we arrived at the park all together at about 2:30PM and began to eat them in our cars. I was with my friend in his car, and my 3 other friends in another car. We ate them plain with the thought in mind that this would enhance the trip some, and drinking some orange juice to wash them down. After we were finished eating we began to go on our hike down a trail. After about 15-20 minutes of hiking the onset of the first effects of feeling high and happy began to occur. We continued our hike and finally arrived at a place called the "Boardwalk" which is a place in the middle of no where that has a long winding wooden bridge that is surrounded by tall cat tails and grass. We all thought we were in a dream. It was one of the most beautiful places we had ever been. I felt like we were on some kind of dock in the water floating because the bench my friend and I were sitting on was slanted. The friend who took us there was saying that he didn't feel comfortable there so we decided we should go to somewhere where we all felt safe.

We ended up coming to a lake that had some people fishing and having a good time. We found a marble bench and sat down just relaxing and having a good time, and watching people fish. I remember watching the grass grow before my eyes and feeling completely satisfied with my life. 3 of my friends decided they wanted to go back to their cars because it was a little warm outside and they wanted to listen to music. My friend and I wanted to stay at the bench a little longer because it was such a nice day out side (sunny, nice blue skies, and about 70-75 degrees). My friend and I began talking about the joys of shrooms and life in general. After a while we decided to go back to the cars with the others to drop off some items and change into some shorts. I remember saying to my friend, "We can just drop these things off and go right back alright?" We both agreed on it, but it certainly didn't happen.

We were glad to see the others when we got back. We changed into some shorts and began to just sit and hang out. My friend had Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album so we decided to put that in. I was never really a huge fan of Pink Floyd before this, but now I can say I really enjoy listening to their works. 3 of my friends were sitting in their cars, while my other friend and I were sitting outside against the side of one of the cars. All of us had huge smiles on our faces and we couldn't stop laughing. At one point during the song “Brain Damage” there is a man laughing in the song and we thought he was laughing along with us.

I started to have heavier visuals as time progressed. My friend’s car was getting bigger and whenever one of my friends would turn their heads, their eyes and mouth would slide off their face. I kept seeing psychedelic patterns on the growing grass. Similar to something you would see off a Jimi Hendrix concert poster.

We decided to play frisbee at a soccer field where no one was playing. We were all barefoot because the ground felt so good. We never got a real game of frisbee going. But we were all having a great time so none of us cared.

Later we returned back to the cars and some of us were thirsty so we decided to drink more orange juice. Which I think was a mistake for me, because it made me feel a little sick. I kept thinking in the back of my head that I was throwing up, but I wasn’t. When I saw myself in my friends review mirror I saw myself as dead, with bits of vomit oozing from the corners of my mouth. That kind of freaked me out, but I saw it as a very interesting visual. I still haven’t decided why I saw myself like that, maybe it was because I was feeling sick, or perhaps there is some deeper meaning.

After a while we decided to go to our school’s talent show. It started at about 7PM so we decided to go ahead and head on over. When we got there the school looked cartoon-like and a lot bigger than normal. We walked in and down the hall and as soon as we turned the corner we saw about 3 cops. The halls began to shrink to where I felt like there wasn’t any room to walk past the cops. We got our tickets and sat in the back in the auditorium. The noise level began to skyrocket to an unbearable level. None of us could take this anymore, we had became too rattled from this experience. We all left and went back to the parking lot. After this some of us went home and the rest of us began talking about our experience.

Overall it was a great time except for the talent show. Now we know that big crowds in places that it’s hard to get out of should be avoided. I am excited to try shrooms again sometime soon. I would like to have an eye opening trip sometime as well. So far, mine have been very visual oriented.

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