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RC unknown


About 2 months ago, I bought what I believed to be acid, from a friend who swore up and down it was real. It was on a tinker bell blotter... And tasted like shit.  Kept it under my tongue for about 20 min and swallowed...  Almost 3 hours later, my back was just throbbing. Straight up and down my spine was excruciating pain.. I couldn't bend over.  My perception started changing.. I sort of got the womp womps.. Maybe more of a buzzing noise.. But I couldn't hear people speaking.  So then, I remember being in a crowded parking lot..and hearing nothing, but feeling like everyone could hear me, and I thought everyone was trying to get me.  I guess I found some sort of friends (not sure what I was doing in town, or even outside) and I walked to the park with them.. Everything from there goes fuzzy. I do remember panicking, and feeling like I could see the cells in my brain zooming around really fast, making that buzzing sound. I remember nothing after that.. I was told I was found in a park, just lying on the ground unconscious. An ambulance picked me up. They said I had little response at first, and then after getting some fluids in me I started attacking, and they had to restrain me on the stretcher.  I woke up in the ICU the next morning at 730. They did not know what I took, they only knew it was not LSD. My body temp was almost 106 and my brain had basically started frying, and I almost had heart failure, and damage to other organs. I'm lucky to have been found in the park.  I still do not know what I took that day.. I've been having bad vision.. Almost like everything follows for a few seconds when I turn to look a different way. I want to have some sort of idea of what I took and research these chemicals.  If anyone has had a similar experience, I'd like to hear about it.      If you know it's not real... Just spit that shit out.   It's not worth the risk.  

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