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5-6 grams of cubes first trip at age 15

Amazing trip

Hello fellow trippers, I've never written a trip report before, so I figured why not. In this time I was a freshman in high school, so I guess I was about 15 years old. This day a few of my close friends where planning on getting some mushrooms, but didn't know where to get any. My pot dealer at the time told me a few days prior that he had some nice red cap cubes if I or any of my friends wanted some, so I felt inclined to help my friends out, since they have helped me out in the past. Between the 3 of them the had $100 total, so I called up my guy and Asked how much I could get, and he told me I could get an ounce. So I go over to his place and pick it up, kinda stunned at how many mushrooms I was being handed. I returned home where my friends where waiting for me, I pulled out this massive bag of shrooms, and they all looked at me like with their mouths down to the floor with eyes as big as golf balls. They were expecting to get half as much as we got. Since " I was the hero of the day " they all agreed that I should get some for myself witch I was not expecting at all.  So He just took out at  8th, and said " here you go man I'm sure you've tripped before right?" I replied, " nope never " And they all look at me with the most confused face and said " WHAT?! " And then with lightening speed he grabbed the bag and took out at least another 2-3 grams for me. He said " your gunna eat these all right now" With a smile form cheek to cheek I agreed and munched the fun guys down. About a total of 5-6 grams My friends all left about 45 minutes later to go an arcade fire concert that I was pretty pissed I couldn't go to, but I would not it let it ruin my night. 

After the hour mark rolled by, I was just thinking to myself " man I got my friends fake shit they are gunna be pissed, i'm probably gunna have to pay them back "  And I was just utterly disappointed.. I thought for sure since It was a whole hour and I wasn't feeling different at all that they were bunk or fake. Around an hour an 15 minutes after eating them, I just walked back into my room, and sat on my bed and picked up my lap top. The screen saver was on, the one where its basically a big ass never ending maze and when you hit a wall you turn around and keep going, and its super colorful and trippy. I was just amused by it, and I continued to watch it for the next 5-10 minutes at least. It was becoming more and more entertaining and colorful and trippy, and in the last minute or so of me watching this screen saver I was just laughing uncontrollably. It hadn't even crossed my mind yet that I was high from the mushrooms, I was just so into this screen saver, I heard somebody pulling into the drive way, witch was my sisters boy friend, and upon hearing that I just looked up at my door, and the door began to expand and retract and expand and retract, and  so was the wall. I was just mind blown at the fact that I was having full on visuals. After gazing the door and the wall for a few minutes my interest was focused on my wall tapestry on my other wall, that was a big huge tie dye peace sign, with smaller peace signs around it. And the left side of the peace would expand so far that literally half of the tapestry was taken up from this one section of the middle peace sign, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, Inside of this peace sign is red tie dye, and I began to see faces in this red tie dye. Some of them being pretty freaky looking faces expanding out of the tapestry towards me, but I just had to remind myself I was just on drugs and everything would be fine, and it was. I learned to make friends with the faces and embrace them and realized they where just a part of the trip that would be there weather I liked it or not, and then that made me start to think about life, and things in life that you don't really enjoy all that much.  You have to deal with them anyways and power over them and take control. In that case all I thought about was school, and that I had to deal with it and get it done. ( thank you creepy ass tapestry faces for helping me realize this) after gazing into the tapestry, I thought it was stupid that I wasn't playing any tunes, so I grabbed dark side of the moon and popped in the dvd player and put my stereo nearly full blast. I began to lay down on my bed and stare at the ceiling for god knows how long. The light in the middle of the ceiling was emanating a yellow/orange/green circle around it, and these colors where just changing constantly, moving around on my ceiling pretty quickly. This is when The peak happened. It was like all of a sudden I just went from tripping pretty hard, to tripping REALLY hard. The ceiling I was under was textured ( im sure some of you know how fun they are to look at when your tripping) and every little texture part of the ceiling was expanding, retracting, then coming down towards me and coming back up, EXTREMELY fast. It was like my ceiling was trying to put on a crazy show for me, and it sure as hell was. And then  it got the point where the light on the the ceiling strarted to fade into the ceiling so I couldn't really tell it was there. it was just a ton of different color spinning around on my ceiling while the textured part was still doing its thing while my whole body is filled with goose bumps from that guitar solo on " Time" from dark side of the moon. Just the feeling of total bliss. Shortly after Time was over and the next song started playing I hear a knock on my bed room door, so I sat up and said " come in" . In walks my older sister and her boyfriend. They liked to smoke in my room because I had allot of cool pieces/bongs and she all ways liked to share her herb with me. I turned down the music and said whatsup And I shit you not she says " Holy shit you pupils are massive, looks like you just ate a bunch of mushrooms" in a very jokingly way. And I just busted up laughing like I did in the beginning of the trip. And they began to laugh too, and she asked how much I took and I just said " I dont know". And she seemed pretty worried. I would be too if I was her. so I tried my best to explain that I was all good, and ive been having a great time on this trip, and I wasnt really at my peak anymore. And she calmed down and told me to whip out the bong. So I did and we proceeded to smoke for awhile while I was still gazing into the moving walls. I had the great idea of taking out the gravity bong.... ( smh at myself) We just loaded bowl after bowl after bowl, and I got to the point where I wasnt really having noticable visuals, just still that body high feel, and was just really super stoned. We are all sitting on the couch in my roon laughing then all of a sudden.... " BLAAAHHHH" My sisters boyfriend projectile vomits all over the floor. And that put a stop the fun pretty quickly.. He apologized and  willingly cleaned it up. Thank god. At that point I was just stoned and tired but not able to sleep, so I started playing kingdoms hearts 2 on my PS2 while I felt the effects start to wear off completely.  And that was my first mushroom experience nearly 5 years ago. Peace and thanks for reading. Good vibes to everybody. 

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