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back to back 8th then 8.5 grams

i dont know what i got into

   Well hello everyone. So i have no idea what i got myself into but all i can say is holy shit.
I was introduced to shrooms a few months ago. i took about an 8th and i loved it. i felt like so
many parts of my brain were being connected. the mid visuals, the giggles, it was awesome.

   so two days ago came a cross chocolated extracted shrooms. Each little bar contained about 1.7
grams. So i took about half 8 at once and then an hour later broke the chocolate bar and ate half.
About an hour later i ate the rest. I had such a great time that i just wanted to trip again. I spent
half the day reading about how my tolerance goes up and how i need to wait more before my next

   So yesterday i got more magic chocolate. i figures since i stared with a half 8 yesterday i should
take a whole 8th at once. I did feel the weird little effects shroom has but it wasnt as mild or fun as the night
before. So a little upset that i wasnt tripping and i ate about 3 more chocolate bars to make sure i
was tripping again. Well i did start feeling more fucked up about 30 min later but it wasnt till an hour
past by that i was like, fuck what is going on?

   I began with 3.5 then injested about 5.1 grams an hour later which totals about 8.6 grams. Yesterday
was my third time ever consuming shrooms. i kept forgetting where i was at. like i had to remind myself
that i am real and im its the shrooms affecting me. it started getting really intense so i went to my room to lay down
i was tripping cus i couldnt focused on anything i kept starring at my wall all spaced out. i guess you can
say it was kinda too much at once. 

   I began to kinda get scared like what if i dont come back. my whole concept with reality was getting weird.
I been listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies to try to activate my Pineal Gland so it can normaly release DMT. I decided to put that on
in hope to relax me. well i had my eyes closed and was under the blanket and i dont know if the frequencies
did anything in combination with the high dose of shrooms i was on but what i went throw was out of this world

   I kept seeing colors everywhere. I saw geometric patterns. i was flying through space. i saw the galaxies.i kept saying more colors
like a rainbow. i felt like i was traveling threw time. i dont know why but the Solfeggio Fruquencies where making me
shake my body around but everytime i moved my head or my legs to the beat it felt like i was flying. like i was intuned
with everything.

   I noticed that i looked like i was possed if anyone else was watching. But i felt so intuned with everything.
i kept talking to myself i was under my blanked. i was talking to some people. i couldnt make up their faces
but they were just made of colors. they were telling me (even tho i was talking to myself the whole time)
how the universe is all one and a whole bunch of other weird stuff. i know i felt like i was talking to some one.

   I also felt like i was looking at my body and then i would travel really fast back down and i would open my eyes and be
like no i dont want to be here. i wanted to close my eyes and be back in that color full world i was seeing. i was so surprised
by my visions i was seeing because i was in the dark and under a blanket and all i remember is saying. Look
at all the colors, the colors. i could not stop seeing patterns and colors. the patterns i was seeing were Metatron's Cube.

   There was two times that while i was tripping flying threw time that my ears popped and it was like something picked
me up took me to a very colorful place. thats actually when i started seeing all those patterns and colors. i honestly felt like i was
talking to someone there and they were talking to me answering all my questions about life. a couple times i felt like he ws an alien.
because for a moment all my mind could interpret is that there is someone there and it kinda scared me. looked like a gray to me.
 i flew around in a place full of emptiness but as soon as i payed attention i would see more colors and patterns just shiffting around

   I have no idea what i got myself into but all i can say is i knew there was something else then this reality.
i dont plan on tripping anytime soon untill i research and understand what i was seeing. i felt like i was in
another plane of existance. I was wondering since i was listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies if it could have released
some DMT in my mind because i swear as i listen to the beats it was like i was traveling and felt connected with
all these colors but when i wasnt playing the sounds i just felt i was tripping but without so much control.

At First it was hard to understand that i was fucked up and it kinda scared me. But once those frequncies where on
i felt calm and connected with everytime in my mind. i actually was in control of what i was seeing. for example
i had my arms out like super man and was swinging them left and right. to anyone watching me it looked like i was
fighting undere my blanked like i was trapped. but in my mind i was controlling where i wanted to go. 

   this was all a very crazy experience. dont know if ill ever take that much again but it was fucking awesome but
scary at the same time

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