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Last Night Level 4 Writing

I wrote this late in the evening. Not sure if I was peaking it all blended at this point.

OK for the first time I started doing something productive on this trip.  Which by the way is very hard to do .  When that cursor keeps winking at me. Ok so on the serious note I love  flaming lips when I am tripping.  I am really into it .  IT's like they are a guide on this spiritual journey.  Ok I also don't feel like it's me typing write now.  It feels like there is someone attached to me that is smaller and typing for me.  I also keep seeing all these little eyes wrapped by stars.  I see the tree moving at some points.  And my nose is snotty. My hands are getting tiored of typiong. And so they are making mistakes on purpose.  I have been on a on e hell of a trip tonight and too much to worry about typos right now.  I am really struggling to write that line.  Man my wrist hurts.  THere is really something to be said about staring into nothing on the screen .  It really just forces your mind to be more imaginative.  I don't know why I am typing this.  I really should be recording this.  So far tonight I have envoked that is not really right I really thought I was hunter s thompson and man did I talk like him. And I carried that cigarrette around until it was soggy.   I've got to stop typing.  I am tring to to leave a trail on the internet for myself incase I dont' remember this trip.  But I know I will.  But yeah I am definately tripping hard right now.  And it feel s great.    Man I need a recording device because my wrist s are killing me from trying to type all this.  BUt MY CELL PHONE ELUDES ME!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR IT ALL NIGHT> THAT BASTARd  I actually typed bastart first I think I like that better.  IT"S half bastard half tart.  Kind of fruity.   Yippie !!!!!! I really am living without time right now.  I avoid clocks at all cost becuase they bring me down.  IF I get to far in I know they protect me.  The flaming lips will protect me tonight.  With all your power what would you do?    I need a nose warmer.  YEs. .......  That seemed a perfect line for right now.  But hince I need to stop sitting here half naked typing and go explore some more.   Becuase .... I don't even like saying the the T word... but I know all this is allusion just like the fact that my screen is dripping and there's someone on my window with a big nose snooping on me.. HEE HEE>  I"M REALLY HAPPY WHEN I TRIP>  YEEEEE. I also realize that this is a chance for me to stop faking any part of life and enjoy every experience.  I am so glad I tripped hard.  IT was so much needed for me to grow farther.  Each trip teaches you something new.  And your not allowed to go back .  At first I I explored sexuality .... But I realized there is more to explore than just sex. Sex is exciting but I understand that concept now.  I know that sound silly, but I learned about that on my last trip.  The great thing about my mind is I have an wonderful memory,.  I had a tough time choosing the right words... for my memory because I want to be reverend to the Supreme creator who allows all memories to be stored.  ONLY HE HAS PERFECT ANYTHING> and to even say that you have even an almost perfect anything is blasphemy and utterly untrue. /   Visuals are really important to me .  I;'m also going to stop trying to correct my tu[ing .  I klow my hands are tired.  I have to give them a rest.  Trust that the Creator is always with you and even though you may not be able to tell it when your not tripping.  The Flaming Lips I know this sounds stupid but I believe that really must have some diving purpose. Because there music is almost perfect in every situation on so many levels when I am exploring.  I wish I could type everything.  I feel ike I've beem opn a journey for days even maybe years tonight.  As long as I don't look at clocks it lasts.  Time is suspended for me right now, so it seem like I have plenty of time to write all this.  I know I keep making mistakes with my hands,. They are tired.  I am getting older.  Even if sometimes I don't want to face the truth.  It's ok.  Tommorow when you look at yourself and your looking at your wrinkles showing up, remember that This flesh is not important.//It's just a tool God gave us to help us understand the spirit.  And if you are searching for HIM you will find HIM.  Those words didn't come from me.   Those are HIS WORDS.  The only question is where do I want to go next?   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzstop wottuoinmh.  MY hands are losing control.  They are very tired.  I need to set my limits on this old body.  Also in the corner of my eye all night I just keep picturing outside as being fluffy snow white freshly coated.  It looks so pretty. I miss Rufus.  I rmemeber when we would take walks in Chicago on the first big snow.  HE was so happy .  He loved to play in the snow.  I miss him so bad.  I would love to snuggle with him right now.  THat makes me entensly sad even though i don't show it. He was the most honest loyal friend I ever had.  If you can hear me out there.  I love you and I miss you.  If you're in Heaven then I'll see you again,  Too my best friend you earned my tribute.  I love you.  I keep thinking I wonder if Raniyah will actually read all this crap.   I am goind to stop writing I promise.  I just peaked at the clock it is 4 23.  That just brought me down a notch.    Should n't have done that .  We spend too much time wasting trying to corre ct things.  Just let thinkg happen for crying out loud ,. OVer anyalyzing ruins all the fun.   I hope I covered a fair amount of topic,. but my mind has too many corners to explore and I will never uncover all of thiem .  Good luck .  No more tyopiong.   OK one last correction for the sake of this message,,,, NO MORE TYPING>  IT"S TAKING TOO MUCH CONCENTRATION>  i feel like i;m in a dream living. I still need a nose warmer my nose is very cold.  Something new... Good bye.  Man i just checked to see how much I just tuyped .  It felt like I had typed a novel, but I didn't type much at all. .... Heee hee.  :)  BYE BYE FOR REAL NOW<> :))))))

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