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There's a storm brewing

Just chillin' with nature

It all really began two weeks ago when I found ovoids for the first time at a friends farm. I didn't really expect to find them but hard-headedness and boredom can make one persistent and persistence usually pays off. On the advise of a friend I decided to get out of the city and trip in nature, so, I headed out to the farm where I had found them. I had taken 3.4 g with me but after  about 2.5 g going down, in spite of the gagging, I decided to wait for 20 minutes before attempting the other .9 g. This was a bad idea as I ended up puking that last .9 up. So I ended up with only 2.5 g dried mushrooms. I have tripped 2 times before and both times it took about an hour to feel the first real effects but this time in came on very quickly (25 min after first ingestion). It started out feeling like really good pot but by 1 hour in I had classic mushroom face and things began to happen. 
After sitting in the car for my first hour watching the demonic looking Pygmy goat stalk and stare me down and the roosters picking at the bugs in the shade of the vehicle, I decided to take a walk around the field and into the woods. The beauty of nature was surreal and I felt as though I was only there as an observer. As I walked I came upon a tortoise and felt sorry that I was disturbing it and could sense it's fear of me. I looked away as it hid itself because I thought it would think I didn't see it. I experienced a real concern for its psychological distress because of my presence. After taking a few pictures of flowers, trees, mushrooms, and inspecting various bugs I had come across, I headed back to the car to beat the rain. By the time I got back to the shelter of my car the clouds began to roll with violence. As I watched the clouds I noticed my vision would get blurry and then the clouds began to exhibit a kaleidoscope effect that went from blurry to crystal clear moving geometric patterns and when i closed my eyes a similar but colorful version that looked middle eastern appeared. This was the first real visual I had experienced, ever! It was exhilarating and so I watched the show and anxiously awaited the storm which ended up passing to the south. I was disappointed for a minute, but with the attention span of a flea, I moved on to inspecting the trees on the hills which appeared to be growing at a rapid rate. Then the best visuals appeared! I looked at my shoulder and the freckles which had newly appeared because I was outdoors shirtless for the first time this year. As I was inspecting my freckles they began to move and raise from my skin, in an organized growing vine like illusion, and took on the form of a Celtic tribal tattoo of skin and freckle from my elbow to the top of my shoulder. It seemed as my Celtic roots wanted to be recognized and acknowledged. After seeing this I knew I was peaking and made a video of myself describing the experience. 
I had not expected that much from the trip because I only ingested such a small amount but freshness must be a factor. On my previous trip I had an almost religious experience, however, with no visuals. This time around it was much more fun, more visuals, no tears (joyful), no self or world realizations, and no exhaustion afterward. Although I'm turned more toward the deep thought/shamanistic experience, I completely enjoyed myself and am anxious to do it again. Three experiences and all of them different but great!

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