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2.6 g in some orange juice

good but mild second trip

A few weeks back, I was really in the mood to trip, after I had successfully and very comfortably tripped on 1.75g of what I was told were penis envy.  First trip was good, I felt a bit of a body high, deep thoughts, very very mild closed eye visuals, minor distortion of figures with my eyes open, but no hallucinations, and nothing of what I would call intense (though it was exactly what I wanted out of a first trip, and I loved every second of it).  Given the success of the first trip I decided to try a bit more I would be tripping in the same location as the first time, which was on my college campus, and in a small park nearby with riverfront access and large open fields.  at about 7 pm my friend and I decided to split the 5.6 grams of what was a good number of caps, and a lot of dust.  We ended up grinding it up and mixing it with orange juice and drinking it all at once.  Coming up was actually pretty uneasy from me, as I was battling some serious heartburn from the orange juice which eventually turned to nausea.  As the trip started I got more and more uncomfortable and I felt things starting to just feel darker, and more intimidating as figures began to jump, and people's faces looked plain menacing.  Finally I took some pepto bismol, and a friend suggested we go to wal-mart.  I agreed, and the heart burn went away.  When I finally made it to wal mart I realized I was starting to trip pretty hard.  Everything in the store was so bright, and colorful, and while I realized quickly it was just a business ruse, to get people in the mood to buy flashy products they didn't need, the fact that I could see that proved that I had my trip under control and was ready to let it go.  I eventually made it to the before mentioned park near my college campus, and I found a little tiny break in the trees with a small place where I sat and looked at the river that slowly meandered by.  At this point I had one other friend with me, and he was talking about how trippy things were, but to be honest I didn't want to listen to him, I wanted to take my moment by the river.  So i tuned him out completely and started.... falling.... it's the only way I can explain it.  I felt as though i was falling down into the ground, and as i looked at the river I felt it all, and I saw it, and I saw a beaver and understood he's just trying to live like the rest of us.  I kinda felt the river for a while, and then closed my eyes.  That is when things got interesting.  I saw a green triangular prism kaleidoscope and I just... flew threw it, and I started to get a little overwhelmed, and I realized I had been holding my breath, so I opened my eyes and the river took a huge breath with me.  That was the most satisfying moment of the whole trip.  This was at about 8:30 pm.  30 minutes later, I began hanging out with my best female friend, and she knew I was tripping, and she was very kind, and was constantly asking me simple questions about being on shrooms (she has never experienced herself).  Then I went back to her room and that's where I felt the most intense visuals, though it was mostly just things having a glow, and her carpet seemed to kinda... pulse with the beats of whatever songs we were playing.

This is about the extent of my trip, but it was pretty profound to me, I felt a lot of emotions, and was able to sort of understand the mindset behind being in a very psychedelic mindset.  I tripped one more time since this, on another half eighth and it was very similar to the first experience, though I knew what I was getting into.  I hope this report at least sheds a bit of light on how simple, yet important a "mild" trip can be, and how to not fear delving a bit deeper, yet still staying conscious of the fact that going too far is by no means an impossibility when consuming shrooms.  With that I'd like a few opinions.  I took penis envy (that's what they were called and from what I've researched I'm confident in that being accurate) both times from the same person, and have plans to trip another time, in a much more relaxed area than my campus with a few friends some of which are tripping, and some of which are looking after us while we do.  I'm very very interested in doing 1/8 to myself this next time, the only thing is I'm doing Golden Teachers next time, and am not familiar with them, but I am very familiar with the person I'm getting from, and according to him (who is an experienced tripper, as in has done it a dozen times or more) 1/8 of what he has is more intense than what I seemed to have experienced, but not anything crazy.  So if you could would you please leave some info on your ideas and opinions on trying an 1/8 for the first time, and is a fourth trip in a very safe environment an ok time to do it?

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