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Shrrooming in Kodai

Goodbye MilkyWay!!

Dear Shrromers,

This happened, when me and my buddies visited a famous hill station in India called " Kodaikanal" . The first and most important aim of our journey was to get some Mush, we also had some kush too ;)

We got some shrooms from a local guy who gave us decent number of them after we offered him a big joint, as we wanted to get the shrooom trip alone. I ate a handful of them (eventhough he advised us to eat the dried ones in an omlette) because I wanted to know their taste. Tasted like dirt, still I liked it, fleshy dirt :)

We were riding down the road while our driver was sober, all of us feeding on them shrooms. The sun was setting and the sky turned blue, dark blue- the bluest sky I have ever seen!!

The fog was lifting up from the mountains and merging into the sky, like cream on bread. I realized that the trip started, even though I was waiting for a while. I was sitting near the window taking pics in my phone and I looked at my friend's face.. Da**!! He looked like a cartoon from the ancient times. Fuzzy lines around him and everything I could see. The sky looked amazing and I felt as if I will never see such a joyful thing again in my life. We stopped our ride and jumped out, as darkness was engulfing around us, we could see the beautiful landscape infront. 

One of my friend was sliding into sleep and uttering things to himself. I could watch the shadows playing around as we stopped next time near a busy road. The yellow street light seemed to make everyone look like cartoons. Maybe mum was right, I shouldn't watch too much of them (I don't now, anyway)!! I wanted to tell them something but I was singing songs. :P The rest of the trip I don't remember much, as I smoked a big blunt later. Still I remember the bright yellow tinted cartoons and the dancing shadows and the one sight of the beautiful mountains...the creator is the biggest artist and am his fan.

Thanks to the mush, I have something in my life that nothing can ever destroy..beautiful moments captured in the greatest lens ever made.

PEaCe and enjoy the trip!!!

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