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Deep Spiritual connection with the Center of the Universe.

Very profound trip ~ Cubes 2 grams.

5-19-2013 %u2013 First trip %u2013 Cubensis Mushrooms %u2013 Small dose of 2 grams %u2013 Level 2.


-          No hallucinations (or extremely mild)

-          Very mind expanding, extremely mind opening.

-          Increase of awareness and consciousness, very deep relaxation.

-          No nauseas at all, not even during the %u201Ccome on.%u201D


4:24 PM

About a couple hours after a non-heavy meal I consumed the mushrooms with orange juice. Call me weird, but I liked the taste. Well, it did not bother me, they tasted okay (I like wheatgrass, so maybe is thanks to that.) The cap actually tasted similar to dry unsweetened walnuts. The stems just tasted like nothing, lol.

5:10 PM

I was playing Atlantica Online and talking with my wife when I started to feel ungrounded and my legs and arms very relaxed.

5:15 PM

I started to have a bit of blurry vision, hard to focus on the PC so I decided to go to my reclining chair and lay down with some nice tunes. Call me weird, but I listened to Monroe%u2019s Hemi-Sync lol. It is amazing music that allows me to %u201Ctrip%u201D even without shrooms, so I decided to listen to it.

5:30 PM

Lots of yawning felt very relaxed. I felt like if I was expanding, my legs were like growing and my aura/energy started to spread around the entire room. I was alone; wife was in the living room. My door was closed. I could not feel my hands nor my feet.

5:40 PM

I felt jolts of energy. This is hard to explain. Those who can Astral Project might understand this a little better. I felt like a wave of energy going through my body for a split second. During this spit second my eyes buzzed very intensely. The first one jolted me a little bit because I did not expected it, but the following ones did not disturb me as I am familiar to those happening sometimes in meditation.

6:30 PM

The trip started to feel more intense. I stop listening to the music; I felt I just wanted to be alone in the semi-dark in silence, listening to my own thoughts. It was hard for me to take notes, but I reminded myself that it would be a waste if I did not take notes as I would forget stuff. A few times that I spoke with my wife, a lot of laughter on my end came up, I just felt a bliss and laughter just came up all the time.


  • -          I started going within, like in deep meditation but the mushrooms took me fast and with intensity. It was like I could travel deep within, always being able to go deeper and deeper to infinite. Hard to explain, but I was reaching a mental level beyond thoughts.

  • -          Everything felt very dreamy. The colors were brighter and more vivid, but at the same time, I felt like I was out there, in a higher state of awareness, still very much aware of the state I was in.

  • -          I started to reach a point where everything felt insignificant, meaningless, like all the material and physical stuff was not important, was not real and even like if it was not needed. Television, computers, videogames, etc felt insignificant. When I came to a realization that our human egos connects us so deeply with these distractions to steer as away from our true spirituality, I realized we all are influenced by some many distractions that sometimes we forgot everything that really matters . These thoughts wandered through my mind and I had to repeat myself a few times to write down at least key words to not forget.

  • -          Time did not matter anymore, I was in the here and now, I was going even deeper in my thoughts. Taking these notes brought me back a little bit into reality and I felt like not even taking notes, but I stayed focused enough to keep doing so. It was very easy to go back to my deep thoughts after taking notes; my mind would just flow away from reality. I could feel I was losing contact with reality as I was going very deep, however, I was always aware of what I was doing and aware that I  was %u201Cthere but not there.%u201D

  • -          I felt that my thoughts were in a voice of nothingness, but it was perfection. Every single through that came to my mind would just vanish living nothingness behind. The universe itself vanished into a profound nothingness, and I felt eternal.

  • -          Since I had no music on, I could hear the TV from the distance. The voices from the TV sounded very metallic and distant. This was an amazing experience because it brought me back to my childhood. As a child, I could go into trance with just closing my eyes. I recalled when I going into trance as I child the sound would get distorted the same way it did while on the mushrooms. This felt amazing (and I am glad I took notes, as I forgot about this.) I heard from my Spirit Guide, %u201CJust recall this memory to go deep again.%u201D

  • -          My mind kept expanding and I felt connected to the very center of the Universe, like if I was online to an unlimited source of divine information. I really felt I was in the true Here and Now and connected with the very Spirit of God Source. My mind kept growing and expanding, I felt bliss, I felt complete, I did feel the Oneness. As I was experiencing this, a Spiritual Elder came forward. I did not ask him if he was one of my Spirit Guides, as I felt asking questions was not necessary. He looked like a Shaman with long white beard and shared with me that human ego was so worthless and meaningless, definitely not necessary.

  • -          I went into automatic writing through telepathic dictation, I felt like I needed to write down something that came from a Higher Source. I wrote, %u201CIt is easy to allow the mind to flow and the information to come through, just empty your mind of thoughts and leave your ego behind, it is as easy as that. Just have a true humble desire from your heart, welcome those thoughts and write%u2026%u201D

  • -          I then saw a Japanese Zen house. Such house was made out of wood entirely and it felt it was in a forest. There were small trees inside this house and in the middle of this house; I could see the trunk of a tree going all the way up to the roof and out of the house. All the furniture was made out of wood and it was very minimalist. There were almost no electronics, I might have seen just a computer, but that%u2019s it, no TV and only a couple lamps. I felt like for some reason this home was very connected with Mother Earth.

  • -          I felt pulled in, like if I was connected with the very center of the Earth, with Gaia herself. I felt like Gaia was whispering a sound, and upon focusing on such sound I heard, %u201CI welcome my Child and those of you who come from the Distance.%u201D


I felt bliss. I felt this was a perfect first trip, not a heavy ride but an amazing mind expanding and further eye opening.

For some reason I wrote at the end, %u201CSpark of Energy = Creation.%u201D

08:30 PM

The effects started to wear down. I was still a bit ungrounded and I was able to see the colors very vividly. I was pretty much back in my body so I took a short walk around home and realized the beautify of what surrounds us. I saw the flowers that were blooming and very colorful, something that I never focused on before, and probably something most human beings are missing every day. I felt very in peace and awakened, even to a deeper level.

09:30 PM

I was still ungrounded and relaxed, vision almost back to normal.

10:30 PM

I was pretty much back to normal and very glad of the experience I went through. Trip ended.

* Aiming for 3.5  grams for next time and experience a full trip.


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