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a night in a dark bedroom

I went over a friend Brent's house with my friends Sarah,Mindy, and Ben.

I went over a friend Brent's house with my friends Sarah,Mindy, and Ben. Brent and his friend Harley had made some shroom lemonade. When i saw Harley i was a little attracted to him and he let me have a couple glasses of his lovely drink.i drank quickly and it was very tatesty. i had done mushrooms a couple times before this experience. All of us went outside to smoke a joint, so my friends were stoned while i was on mushrooms.
Well, Brent and Harley left for a while and i was with my friends in the bedroom with the black light on. Brent had this towel on his cieling of a sun with a face on it and zodiac signs over his bed. when my trip began i got really loud and started laughing alot. Ben repeatedly yelled at me because Brent's parents were sleeping! (I'm glad i didnt have a bad trip from him yelling at me!)thank god they never woke up. it was kinda bad being the only one tripping though.
well, i looked up at the towel on the cieling winked at me and blew a kiss at me. it made me feel quite warm and happy. the windows and the walls began to look as if they were stretched out. almost like something out of Alice in Wonderland. i could see that my mind would start to make the walls start breathing but i new if that happened i would get freaked out, so i made my mind stop doing that.
Brent had a stuffed tiger that he won at a carnival on the floor. as i looked at it, it gave me the chills. he looked evil with his beady eyes in a blank stare. so i threw him across the room. i also began to see a little bit of colors dancing on the cieling. and when i started to get anxiety and frightened i just looked up at the sun and he made me feel ok again.
My friends and I didnt end up getting home until 4:20 a.m. (funny huh?) i didnt sleep at all.

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