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First time

Not what I expected

Hi, Im Phil.

To start this off lets just say I have used loads of hard drugs in my life (not a good thing).

I was addicted to DXM for years before I finally cut it out of my life for good.

This mushroom experience was not a "lets get high" experience, it was a "I wonder" experience, so lets begin.

I had a buddy come over and tell me he could get some mushrooms, I told him im curious about them, so sure enough he got them for me.

I bought 2 eighths worth, so 7 grams.

I waited til about 9pm and I took half the batch.

By about 9:45 I started noticing a strange sensation, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew something was up.

The firsts initial effect I got was chills, and I got them fairly bad. My whole body was cold, it didn't bother me to much though, and it passed quickly.

Out of nowhere I looked up and I felt this pull between the TV and the fan in my bedroom, I cant really describe it, I just felt that these 2 objects had an extreme attraction to eachother.

I turned off the lights and listened to some music, I heard things that weren't in the songs, Audio hallucinations, very subtle, but they were there.

I got up and walked through my house, I had this weird auto pilot feeling, I noticed I was really thinking about what I was doing, I was just doing it.

This was very amusing, a huge smile broke out on my face from this effect, I couldn't help to giggle, It was almost surreal.

When I got outside I realized how emotional this drug is.

The stars, tree, grass, and the moon were just amazing.

The color of everything was to the absolute extreme.

The stars seems as if they lit up extra bright as my eyes passed them.

I felt like I want to just go into the woods and walk endlessly.

Bright colors traced as I moved, my brain seemed to be taking in information a tad bit off beat.

I felt extremely emotional, my emotions were tenfold, If I was happy I was EXTREMELY HAPPY, If I got mad about something I was EXTREMELY MAD. Everything was to the extreme.

Im not really sure what I did over the next few hours, I was so into the experience that I lost track of what I was doing or what I was thinking.

When I strated to come down I went outside and saw a shooting star.

This led into me talking with god for the next few hours outside.

I soon after lied down and went to sleep, I awoke the next day with a headache.

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