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A Night at Blakes

Way back in the day around Christmas vacation, I was offerd by this kid that there was gonna be a big shroom dosage at this dudes Blakes.

Way back in the day around Christmas vacation, I was offerd by this kid that there was gonna be a big shroom dosage at this dudes Blakes. I was pretty excited about you know so I put 20 in to kick it with them. Anyway, when Friday came around, we spent the beginning of the night down in Royal Oak at a b ball game. The tension was hella building there, I was looking foward for the shrooms. After the game, we headed back up to Waterford and ate dinner and all the bull shit but anyway lets cut to the chase.
There was like 6 or 7 of us and we went behind this special ed skoo and fired a fatty j. After the J, we were handed the shrooms. When I put them in my mouth, it was a weird taste as I recall. Anyway, we went back to Blakes house where we popped South park in. We were all stoned at the time and we were lauhing at the lamest shit. As I was watching South Park, I began to feel a weird body buzz all through my dick and my legs. i mean, it wass like I had waves going through my legs. I tuned to someone and told them I was a dolphen and i started waddling around like one on the floor. For about 20 mins I did this until the pizza man arrived. I remember getting up and going to the door and when Blake opened it, it was all weird outside. There were all these colors and it appeared we were stuck on a island or some shit since his house has no neighbors anything. I thought we were stuck somewhere.
Well, after I ate the pizza, I attempted to talk to people but I coudn't speak english, I simply forgot. i then found myself by the window stairing at Christmas lights and just begnning to trip balls. When I sat back down, I started having all these fucked up memories. I mean, one by one, a memory was just nailing my mind like boom boom boom! At the same time i was focused on ESPN Sports Center yet I couldn't hear any sounds.i could also remember looking at the walls and seeing diffent colors of dots. After a while it got a old, so we went outside and smoked a J.
When we got out there and the lights went on, a big wave of colors shot out and everyone was going nutz! After we smoked the J, I for some reason puked all over this big gravel thing but as I was puking, the rocks were moving around in a circle. It was so scarey! I got up and sat down outside to chill out. While sitting down, I looked into the sky and i noticed it was purple and the trees looked all sppoky so I got scared and went in. when I get in, I crashed on the couch where i had more memories coming 1000 miles per hour through my brain and I was also watching Sumo wrestling. This was so fucked up! At this point, my mind was totally gone and i could not communicate with anyone at Blakes. I remember standing up in the middle of his living room for like an hour just staring at the wall. As soon I knew it, I passed out and my shrooming was over.

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