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Level 5 LSD 3 tabs


I get back to my apartment tabs in hand. This was it! I began mentally preparing myself for whatever I was going to see on my journey. My roommates C & D were back from class and watching TV in the living room. D sees the aluminum foil and cracks this half smirk and says "Ohhh dosing today I see? I don't know how you just pencil a trip into your monday man .You're nuts!" I just throw my head back, let out a big laugh, and reply " Cmon man! You know you gotta be a little nuts to mess around with your ego right?" D laughs and admits that i'm indeed correct,and I  promptly drop my tabs. 

I immediately look for that dreaded metallic taste. To my delight I couldn't taste a thing. A big goofy grin stretches across my face and the waiting game begins. The next thirty minutes were spent talking to C & D about trivial things like school, sports, girls,  nothing important really. I was still heavily anticipating my come up looking for any minuscule change in my perception. The anxiety is becoming almost unbearable so I pull out my bong thinking a little hashish would send some good vibes  my way. I place a nice sized hash pancake in the bowl and start rippin it. It hits extremely hard and I can taste the all too familiar spicy flavor  you can only get from some good ass hash. The events that transpired over next few hours, or eternities? were absolutely mind-blowing. It all seemed to happened so quickly (maybe really slowly? Who knows? Time became a non factor after an hour). 

  As soon as I exhale the hash hit i'm BUZZIN!  and I mean BUZZIN out of my mind! I had one hell of a body load and and was beginning to feel that first rush of pure energy wash over me. Another wave of energy jolted through my body; This time slightly stronger than the first. The only word I can use to describe what I was feeling  during my come up is pure ELATION. I thought to myself, "This is going to be absolutely fuckin perfect!"As far as I was concerned the worst of my anxiety was behind me considering I actually got some top quality product  and not some nasty RC.  At this point I was ready to  embark on my chemical expedition of self  discovery. I was ready to come face to face with whatever the LSD wanted to show me that day I stand up to get a glass of water when I suddenly feel all 3 tabs starting to work. at the same time. I get extremely queasy which is a symptom i've never experienced on LSD before (mainly mushrooms). I have to sit back down rather quickly  before i fall over. I feel the blotters unleashing absolute mayhem on my stomach. I instantly remember I hadn't eaten a thing all damn day. My internal dialogue explodes into overdrive as I start to panic. Millions of questions were racing through my mind in that seemingly never ending loop. Was I going to be okay? Why did I even do this to myself? (i seem to ask myself this on every come up). My initial reaction was wanting desperately to stop the trip. I started pleading for my life  with whatever entity would listen to my pathetic cries. God?  Jesus? Allah?  Chuck Norris? At this point I didn't give a shit who I was praying to; I just wanted any sort of assurance that I would get out of this mentally intact. I swore to God (and whoever else) I'd never take psychedelics again. The blotters seem to be working in nearly perfect unison now. The only way I can describe this feeling is a powerful whirlwind of energy. The whirlwind seemed to pick up speed and power at an alarming pace. I feel my body temperature steadily rising until i'm a sweating through my shirt. My heart begins to beat so fast and loud that I was expecting it jump out of my chest at any second. The visuals are starting to become mind-bendingly vivid. The living room begins to breathe rapidly, morph, and shift until I can barely recognize it. The walls are  literally melting all over the  goddamn floor and I can't do anything but stare with my mouth wide open in utter amazement. C & D ask me if i'm doing alright because I haven't said a single word in the last 45 minutes. The terrifying part was I forgot they were even in the room with me. The trip keeps getting stronger and stronger with no foreseeable let up in sight. Suddenly a rhythmic, yet mechanical sounding noise fills the room with such force that it's literally the only thing I can hear. I can't hear the TV, I can't hear C & D's conversation even though they're less than 10 feet away from me. This is really freaking me out because the noise is so loud and overpowering I can't even hear the sound of my insanely fast heartbeat or my, boarderline- schizo internal dialogue. The noise continues to get louder and the hallucinations are absolutely stunning with a level of  fluidity and detail I never thought possible. I notice I've begun morphing into the couch I'm laying on. Hold on, I don't think you understood the magnitude of what i just said. YES, THE FUCKING COUCH IS LITERALLY EATING ME.  I spring up off the couch with every fiber of my being knowing that one more second could send my soul permanently into psychedelic nothingness. Apparently,  I let out some sort of muffled shriek; C & D are visibly freaked out because it's obvious that i'm losing my grip. They clearly didn't want any part of my experience and I couldn't blame them.  They retreated to their separate rooms and left me to stare directly into the face of death and insanity by myself. The room is becoming increasingly more fluid by the minute. Ridiculously detailed vortex hallucinations are all over the living room walls  intricately rotating and twisting about. They seemed to be  coaxing me to jump headfirst into another dimension but I knew better. At this point I was apathetic toward my fate. The Gods could decide to do with me whatever as they saw fit. After all, I was in THEIR realm now.  The floor is now turning into a detailed colored chessboard alternating colors every 3 seconds or so. I pick up a pillow off the floor and hold on on for my fuckin life because it's literally the only shred of reality I can hold onto right now. By now the room is ROCKING back and forth with such force I can't help but think that whatever is happening to me is supernatural. I look at the pillow i've been clutching for dear life. It forms a demented, almost demon-like, face that lets out this great shrieking laugh right in my face. I throw it across the room when all of a sudden I come to the realization that I'm going to die soon. The mechanical noise is almost deafening now and the room seems to be staring over me waiting to engulf me as soon as my ego is done being smashed to a pulp by this divine force. I'm experiencing stimulation overload  because  just about every centimeter of the room is covered in some sort of unreal hallucination. This was way too much for my tiny mortal mind to comprehend. I just want it all to end but am roughly reminded that this is exactly what I asked for. Every time I tried to look away Lucy opened my eyes even wider scolding me to finish what I started. I wanted enlightenment right? Well now my face is being shoved straight into 100% unfiltered insanity and I must accept it because this was my request

Transcendence? Time?  Space?  What?

My ego was slipping away by the second. The room is still going absolutely bonkers and my sense of self is dissolving at an alarming speed. I'm doing mental gymnastics trying to grasp any resemblance of the reality I once knew and loved. Questions like  who was I?, Where am I? ,Did I knowingly do this to myself?,  Will I be stuck like this forever? ,had no definitive answer. The more I tried to answer these questions the more detached from reality i became. After observing,this, i made the most importance decision of the trip and possibly even my life. I LET MY MIND  GO. I no longer cared who I was or where I lived. The only thing that mattered at that very moment was that I simply AM and nothing else.  As soon as i surrendered myself to the trip, I started to feel the most peculiar sensation in my head.  I can only describe this as a balloon being inflated.  It continued to inflate until my head literally popped right off my body. From that point on I was floating around the room looking down on everything with magnificent clarity. This was the strongest sense of euphoria I've ever experienced on any substance. The whole phenomenon was so beautiful that I couldn't help but bawl like a baby. I was connected to everyone and everything around me. The hallucinations no longer felt dark and menacing. I spent the next 2 hours tapped into the human collective unconscious. I was all knowing all encompassing. Instead of "I" i was simply everything. I had officially transcended all time and space. 

After I was done being the omnipotent, all knowing super deity, my ego was slowly reassembled over the course of that night. I spent the rest of my night listening to music and trying to put this incredible experience into words for my roommates. According to them I was catatonic for about 2 hours. But my mind was free to explore places it never knew existed. This was by far the most unbelievable drug experiences i've ever had. My physical body was laying on the couch but my mind was free to roam in dimensions totally unfathomable to the average human being. I can't help but think what would've happened to me If I didn't let go. I could be telling an entirely different story right now. Even though that was my first out of body experience, I seemed to know exactly what was happening like it had already experienced it before

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