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First trip on shrooms


i was a sophmore had switched schools and met a firend who did the same i made her my friend because so many gus wanted her in the classes she was in with me i took it slow and in the december break we got we made the most of it until we were a thing and she mentioned shrooms , we were all about eahcother and didnt need drugs she had done mdma alot and i had gone to raves with her and her friends i faked splitting a pill with her and never told her. i liked to smoke alot on occasions and introduced it to her cause of how easy i got it and how well it was grown i loved marijuana and let it be who i was when i was to smoke with her when not smoking with her i would have been with the friends ive known since before high school from my old school we still did some things together and smoked, i would keep doing it and didnt share it with anybody but those people,
she knew a friend who did alot of drugs he was on some other stuff when we split an eighth he called his connect and we split it i got a gram i suppose more but downed it with OJ and didnt notice the effects hit me when we had entered a park at night and sat on a a bench with two others and we smoked a joint thats when the effects hit me harder, i saw all the fallen leaves and saw how scattered they were all around that they gave off the appeal of little personified shapes of people and when we finished the j we saw a awhite fluffy cat walking on the walkway by us we starred with it and it vanished away from the park lights in the dakness of the big bush wall behind the freeway wall.
we smoked a cig and left on our way out i noiced my phone screen brightness and the stars twinkling and being bright i noticed trees and shapes the people we were with left and we walked to the bowling alley right near by she went to say hi to her other friends i walked in and didnt like how many ppl were in there and ghow loud everything was.!!
we waited for our rides to pick us up she was restless about the time and had a worst time than me when we were all alone, i just couldnt believe i was feeling drugs and when i got picked up by my cousin who knew i was high she thought weed. and didnt make a big deal when we got home together i felt strange in my surrounding home as if temporary changes changed and my home as i knew it was gone and my happiness of feeling secure in any time and place was not a given and that i was not happpy and never felt it, my stomach was hurting the whole time and i just farted and the wierdness of the bad trip effect of the gas in my stomach from eating shrooms was gone i then went to watch super bad with my cousin she was with me til i knocked out, i basically feel as though i made myself sleep as to not feel."
if you read this far and are smart you wouldve guessed we broke up. we did and i went back to my old school as she and returned no words about ourselves thats how i ended it, the shrooms made us both realise we think differently as any couple but most importantly we werent going to work. so later on that year maybe two full years later i got a cat that had been left in a box to be found she had a bad left eye because she was just born she continued to meow so she got stoned in the car from smoke getting blown in her box.
she ended up being my first real pet kitten(i had cats my whole life just i was too young to appreciate them i only knew how to pet them and not bother them. so the cat was fully grown and was so cool,
i lost her to a dog my mom got from the pound a while back who i saw when i was tripping and didnt want near me for some reason. the cat died because the door was cracked up enough for her to get in . during this time we had got 2 dogs from the pound a lil dog we kept with my bigger dog from the poud who needed company because our other poodle was always with my mom since she was the one getting all the animals and golden retriever poodle mix that loved the cat ,i was witing for them to grow up together. im still sad about my cat because it died on dec. 24 at sunset before the supposed end of the world and by my dog. i feel this had meaning significantly because the puppy still must share a place in its heart for the cat that was protecting it and died.
i cant help but feel as though the mushrooms and my trip only foretold my lifte to the end of the world when i would need to use my creative though for my skill in the world of material and that the imaginative part can always have to do something with cats somehow.. the dog born in the months of december and cold, the cat loved to sleep and watch the rising sun closely almost as if she always believed the sun was falling from the sky and we only moved in time for her to wait until night to walk around the streets in her kingdom until she was layed to her eternal rest. R.I.P.BASTET the eye of the sun

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