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4.5 Gram Lemon Tek = Destruction of Ego

Amazing fungus

the most i've eaten to this day is 4.5 grams in something called a lemon tek. and if you dont know what that is its when you grind up your shrooms, and soak them in lemon juice squeezed from lemons and it makes your trip more intense and you peak instantly and theres no come up. so i soaked my 4.5 grams in a  cup of lemon juice and then let it sit for about 20 minutes before i drank it to let the psilocybin convert into psilocin. after it drank it it took literally 15 minutes for me to feel the full effects and i went to lay down in my bed where i just watched my black light posters pop out of my wall and start warping and moving around, i also have these christmas lights hung around the my room and theses crazy solar flare looking things were coming out of each LED light. thats mostly it for the visuals but i dont even know how to explain the mind fuck i had. when even i ask people or read about shroom trips no one ever seems to explain the profound effect is has on your ego or consciousness and whatnot . in the most simple words everything that i had ever known and that i was aware of existing completely shattered and i had what most people would call an ego death. during this ego death the rest of my trip had to do with figuring everything out over again but with a better understanding and my emotions were going from extreme fear to happyness to peacefullness and then back to fear and it seemed to go in a cycle . i felt like i was one with everything and everything is connected in a way humans cant see it. i forgot to mention that i dosed my shrooms around 11pm so after the trip ended i fell asleep.
the next morning i woke up at around 730ish and still had slight pupil dilation and my audio was still distorted like crazy.
the trip almost seemed to last into the day and i really had no idea what to make of reality anymore i didnt know what was real and what wasnt even though my visuals and major mental effects of the shrooms had worn off. but overall i felt extremely happy to be a breathing, concious, aware human being. til that point i really took the idea of being alive for granted and realized that my point in the universe means a lot.
this was atleast 2 months ago and i still feel positive effects from that trip til this day. its amazing what 5 grams of a fungus can do to you

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