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The beginning of my trip to Sagedom with Salvia.

The expiriences that have led me to believe that nature is more than a few plants.

Thanks for checking out my first work here,and for the record, I'm not crazy enough to think I will be a sage...  I just kinda wish it...

I'm going to make some of this short, without skipping the useful stuff.

So being the adventurous guy I am, I decided to give Salvia D. a shot.  Now, I knew of the posibility of a bad trip, so I went about it treating Salvia as a spiritual drug, as it should be treated.  I ordered myself, as well as a few friends, two grams of 10x and half an ounce of leaf, loaded a reletively large bowl with leaf, and took the whole thing in one lungfull in a chair outside.  I was with two friends, both of whom are very quiet, responsible, and more than worthy of my trust.  After one of my friends asked me if I was alright, I gave a thumbs up.  I don't know when I exhaled, or when I lowered my hands for that matter, but the thumbs up is my last memory before being destroyed mentally(not that it was a bad destroyed, though).  Everything I saw suddenly compressed into a two dimensional block, and built apon itself in a two dimentional pattern.  I felt myself falling, but it felt like my mind didn't move, such as when your chair is tilted, and dispite knowing you are still up, your body is off balance.  Suddenly, I was on a boat circling the island from the beginning of Kingdom Hearts.  The fun part here was that I didn't only see it, I heard, smelled, and was even able to touch things on this boat.  Characters would even respond to me!  One person that stood out to me, though, was a beautiful blonde woman.  She was the only one that didn't speak back, but she stayed next to me wherever I went, and she would touch me softly and smile, as if to comfort me.  After what seemed like half an hour, I awoke and found myself on my friends couch.  One was in the room with me, and told me I fell out of the chair and they took me inside and layed me down.  At first I thought it was over, until I saw the blonde woman next to me.  I tried to stand, but lost myself, and next thing I knew I was on the ground, rubbing the carpet.  It felt like the carpet was engulfing me, and the indivindual bristles were rubbing all over me.  It seems that at some point I stood, and sat on the other couch.  The woman was back with me, and suddenly one of the guys mom walked in.  This was clearly a problem!  She wouldn't have said anything, as she does a few illegal things openly with us around, but we were about to go to school!  It was a testing week for lowerclassmen, so we seniors didn't have to go until lunch, but that is still pushing it, since lunch was in about an hour.  I tried my hardest to act sober, and apperantly it worked, but I still find it hard to imagine, since I was seeing the blonde, and beach full of people who were talking to me, random exotic animals, and the whole experience seemed to last an hour, albeit only lasting a few minutes.  So his mom finally leaves, and my buddy tells us it is time for us to do the same, except we aren't going to school.  Instantly, things go bad...  The house blazed up, and a dark aura encompassed everything...  Wherever I looked, the manicans from Condemmed: Criminal Origins would climb out and come after me.  Luckinly, they would fade away as they got near me, but it was still scary.  I knew that I was only tripping, so I told them I had to get out of the house, and one escorted me out.  I looked around for the woman, remembering her comfort, when I got outside, but she was nowhere to be found.  I then saw my other friend step outside, then as if I had hit replay, he stepped out again, then again.  After watching the same thing a third time, I gave up and just got in the car.  Strangely enough, the woman appeared in the car as well.  Instantly, it seemed, the car was running with the three of us, four including the woman, were going 80mph down the road.  Fearing my friend would wreck, I glanced at the spedometer to see how badly he was speeding and reprimand him, but I found he was going 40 in a 45 zone.  I then felt a strong need to listen to music I no longer listen to, but use to obsess over, so I put on earphones and close my eyes.  I randomly remembered loving the book Eragon, opened my eyes, and began having intense visuals of flying, the best part being that I could hear and feel the wind!  This contenued until we reached a subdivision with a small lake and small island connected by a bridge to the sidewalk.  My buddy wanted to check it out, so I complied and walked out with him.  Nothing out there seemed any different, apart from cray time distortion.  On our way back, however, a lizard the size of a komodo dragon appeared and ran off.  Turns out it was like an eight inch skink, but to me it was far larger.  I also had this odd feeling of purpose, like I was on a quest.  We then drove to a wooded trail, which was nothing but euphoric and time distorted.  Oddly, I saw the woman on the trail as well..  The further more along the trail I went, however, the more that sense of purpose grew, until it seemed as if God wanted me to do something.  I didn't quite know what, though.  This was where my trip ended, but I did have a sense of euphoria for aboit two hours afterwards.  Since then, I haven't had a strong sense of euphoria from Salvia D.

The next day, I awoke with a headache that lasted about two hours...  I haven't faced it again, luckily.

If you made it this far, I applaud you, because typing it has about put me to sleep.  I'll definitely post the rest of  my experiences later, though.

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