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Shrooms, MAOI inhibitor, Kava kava

Okay so let me first say this is my first trip report, and that i have only tripped one other time previous to this experience.  The setting was at my house on 500 acres in a field with woods in the back for plenty of space if desired to take a walk while also being as loud as id like. The trip was happening with one of my friends who had never done it before as well, and he doubted the shrooms potency.  We decided that we would take the shrooms we got off "the road" at around 8:20, they looked beastly; I had been looking into ways to strengthen the trip and came across chocolate as a possible intensifier. Upon further research you will see that the only way for chocolate to reach your brain you must block the mao-b enzyme from digesting it so quickly in your brain which can be achieved by drinking kava kava (while also giving a natural relaxation and cure from anxiety).  So i got out or OJ (also in hopes of intensifying the trip) drank our kava kava first, waited 10 minutes and then ate 3.0grams of psi cube. Then we drank them down with OJ and ate some more chocolate (i had  been eating chocolate every two hours to reallly have those maoi inhibitors up and going).  We had my living room in black lights, and partially in fog cuz of our fog machine, and he had brought a disco ball that moved to the music's beat, so we sit down to watch "The Dark Side of Oz" which in case someone doesn't know is The Wizard of Oz looped to Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.  It was in 720p and perfectly pre-sync with the remastered Floyd album.  We start off on our journey and we were talking and i was telling him i could feel he kava kava because my legs felt heavy and relaxed. 

 We were admiring the music and movies and after 20 minutes in i could already feel that familiar tingle in my legs that i had felt on my last come up.  Now i hadn't eaten in 5 hours so the shrooms were on an empty stomach, but i was still impressed that i was feeling anything that quickly. Another 15 minutes go by and im starting to see the room wave out of my peripherals; i got up to go look at myself in the mirror because last time i thought i looked hilarious and spent 10 mins laughing at myself and wanted to re-experience it.  Well when i walked into the bathroom, i could still here the music and i can see little triangles jumping out of my reflection and bursting to the music as my face is starting to morph a little. - I instantly laugh. I am having so much fun just staring into this mirror and watching shapes form and explode until my friend comes in and asks me what im doing.  At this point i know i am going to be tripping balls in a few and so i try to describe what im seeing and he was noticeable disappointed that his experience wasn't as strong as mine. (it seemed the same way in almost anything we tripped, i would trip hard before his trip started, we were never in sync). So we go back into the living room and sitting on the couch watching the movie im seeing crazy shit. The couch is making faces at me, my tv is dancing with colors and shapes, and when i look at my friend i feel myself melting into the couch.  At this point i stand up because i want to go see what outside is like, it was suppose to storm that night and i thought it would be awesome to trip while it was thundering and lightning! So i walk outside as he is still watching the movie with his eyes closed (enjoying the music more i guess with those close eyed visuals) and i am amazed at what i see.  It was so bright and vivid outside and it should be so dark. My truck looks morphed and i can see the moon shining down through the clouds and into my field, i can still hear Floyd playing in the background and its like nature is dancing to the song.  The trees are waving back and forth in the wind as the city skylights in the distance glow a bright orange-blue color.  I go back inside because i wanted to show Swarley (from here out my friend shall be called swarley) what the outside was like and see where he is at, it had only been around 55 minutes at this point so i was hoping he was reaching my level. I step back in and he is pacing the room back and forth to which i ask him what's up and if he is enjoying the movie, and he is nodding, rambling on about how we are "on our own from this point on".  I wasn't too surprised, Swarley is extremely introverted and i knew i would be peaking in a little while anyways. So i watch the movie and we sit back on the couch and he asks me if my timer is up; i had sat a timer to tell us when an hour and 10 minutes had passed  so we could either take more or just enjoy our current level.  It had went off and so he said he wanted another gram, i wanted 1.5 more, but he insisted we stick to the plan to which i nodded in agreement and gave him our original stash we had separated.  At this point I knew i was about to leave this world, and i threw the extra in my mouth and devoured them like a lion. 

 We went back into the living room, and i noticed the horse on the tv kept switching colors, and i was dumbfounded rather it was me or the tv doing it, and for some reason i laughed at how funny it was and told Swarley i was going outside, he rambled on again about being alone and so i left him and went outside.  I have read quite a few trip reports, and i have never read one where someone described such bright colors on a shroom trip, but colors were out of this world.  The city lights in the distance were now dancing in the sky, the trees, wind, and moon made the outside like a warped reality that i couldn't comprehend.  I remember at this point i sat down outside in the middle of my field and just thought about what it means to be in existence, and i started laughing uncontrollably.  I had the urge to pee, and it felt so weird to do the motions of urinating, i laughed and came to the conclusion i was god. That we are all gods trapped within our realities, and that the only reason we adhere to our reality is because we are too afraid to shatter this realm of existence. I can't help but be in a great mood, after all, i now know i am a god and can control this world.  I look to the sky and make my reality dance, which was insane because at this point i really do think i was manipulating my own vision. I walk back to the house an ascended being, talking to something i can only define as "the presence".  Now throughout the night i had seen apparitions, but this was different.  When i ascended, there were lights flashing all around it felt like; like there were orbs flashing and spinning around me, and i felt something stand in front of me ( i was on my knees ).  I asked it if it was a god and it didn't respond.  I asked if i was a god, it didn't respond.  It told me to "just be" (which became the phrase of the night).  As i was walking towards the house, watching the ground morph beneath my feet as i walked lol, i could feel it beside me, and so i asked if it wanted to play with me - it didn't respond. I don't know much about this aspect, ive seen some ppl write about seeing a similar thing, but i did my best.  As i was walking in i for some reason stopped and said just be. As i opened the door, i notice swarley is still listening to the floyd music.  The movie is over, the credits are playing, and he is laying in the floor with door open to outside.   This is about the hour 45 minute mark.  I am peaking hardcore at this point. The music is annoying me because it is looped, but im entertaining myself by watching the inside of my house mutate and morph into different shapes. I become curious about the tv, and turn it off lol.  This stops the music and swarley is visibly shaken by no music, he was like "what what what what uhh music?" and so i laughed and said sorry and turned the tv back on, but i was like hey lets put on some better tripping music. I had my laptop hooked into the tv and i have an HD nebula picture as my background. So when i exit out of the movie, my background bitch slaps me into awe. I see explosions happening and to what im convinced is how i made the universe into existence. It felt like i was watching life being created!  I tell swarley to look at it and he pukes. Lying in the floor, just pukes on himself and the floor. Im tripping balls, so im pretty much just blirting shit when it happens instead of you know, watching what i say so i go "holy fuck dude, you okay, you just puked" to which he goes oh i did?  So i am like well here ima put on some music, this should get your ass up, and i put on some dubstep while i was looking for some trance music (that is his fave) well the dubstep did what i wanted, it got him up and moving, but he was moving way too hardcore; he yells at me to stop it, and starts puking and has what looks like a mini-seizure and collapses to the ground in his own puke again. At this point im getting a little freaked out, i had just told him i was going to make him get up with some music, and he got up alright, just puking everywhere.  I ask him what he wants to hear, and he yells at me telling me to stop toying with him and that i was satan. 

At this point, im still tripping balls, but now im concerned because swarley is puking and is now having a bad trip. I walk back outside because i thought itd be better for me to let him calm down, after all, he thinks im satan and during the middle of a trip, im not wanting to scare the hell out of someone lol.  So im outside again and im wearing my dragonball z shirt, and i am convinced that as god, i can produce an energy blast. So im outside trying to make an energy blast when all of a sudden i have the urge to jump to the ground just to see what pain feels like, so im outside doing my stupid shit, tripping my mind out and i hear the storm coming in.  It had been about 3 hours and i walk back in and swarley is lying in his own puke by the door, i walked back to my back room, texting my girlfriend. Which texting was a crazy experience all in itself.  Every time i would look at my phone, my background would zoom out then zoom in, the screen was waving with crazy shapes exploding again. Anyways, i decide to text jacob and tell him the storm was here and to be safe and respect the house.  10 minutes later, i here "HELP HELP EMERGENCY EMERGENCY" so i get up and go in the living room and swarley is out of his mind, has no idea where he is, no idea he is covered in puke and smells like shit, and is having the worst trip of his life. He is afraid for his life and just keeps repeating "warm, i need warm, and safety" to which i tell him he is in the house and is safe, and that i would get him a blanket, i ask him if he is having a bad trip and he gives me this pathetic look, it made me feel so bad. Here i am having a blast and he has been lying down in his own puke having a bad trip for hell what must seem like an eternity for him and i had been outside and everywhere but beside him. So i ask him if he wants a shower, i read showers were good for bad trips, he smelled horrible anyways.  Well he was basically useless and crippled, the trip really made him its bitch. He was expecting me to shower him myself lol; so after 30 mins of me trying to talk to swarley because he really was worthless at this point, i decided to just put him on the couch (came close to locking him in his truck and leaving his ass outside). Swarley was still cold on the couch so i was going to go get a blanket from the back to help warm him up, well when i come back, he is crying and asks me not to leave him.  So i spent the come down of my trip taking care of my friend because his trip left him so crippled, he was on a cycle of crying, fearing for his life, hell at one point he thought he was dead, and thanking me for helping with him.  During this time, all of his questions he kept asking about time, puking, all the bad shit that had happened to him, the phrase "Just be" kept him at ease for atleast a little while when  id say it. 

This trip was one crazy ass experience. I had a blast and i learned alot.  You know, we might not be gods, but we all have the power to help someone when the opportunity is presented. I felt like i had self ascension rather than self-destruction.  Swarley said he wouldn't wish his trip on his worst enemy, so for anyone who reads this, don't doubt the potency of shrooms, they'll cripple your ass.  And for anyone who wants to be as arrogant as me and "play god" then you better be ready to save the crippled's ass. 

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