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25i NBOMe

my experience with 25i NBOMe! Definately worth a read if you're considering it...

Hey guys,

First of all I'd like to thank you for reading my trip report as its my first one; i'm not too sure if it'll be of any interest to any of you or helpful in any way, but I just thought people might wanna hear about my experiences of 25i NBOMe, and it might even help in some way. So yeah... enjoy/comment whatever :)

25i was the first psychedelic drug i've taken. My friends love the SR and thought it'd be fun to get some 25i, they all tried it before me and told me how absolutely amazing and out of this world it was. Of course, trying to explain a trip or how tripping feels to someone who has never tripped before is like trying to explain colourto a blind person... This left me curious obviously, it seemed like my mates were bigging it up or exaggerating about it ahaa. They had ordered a fair few caps of it, not tabs btw...

It was summer, i am a fairly heavy marijuana user and have a lot of love for mdma aswell, also love the music scene raves etc so yeah, my friends decided i should try tripping with them the next time they did it and i was like yeaaaaa and couldn't wait for my first trip! Anyway, about me and 10 of my friends were chillen at my mates house having a BBQ and a laugh when we all decided to trip, the caps are weird ahaa like you cant ingest them orally as stomach acid dissolves the 25i, so they gotta be sniffed really. So yeah, about 5 of us were tripping today and we all sniffed our caps. The first thing i can remember was a little bit of drip back, 2 of my friends were already tripping before the BBQ and were telling me what to expect. Then, the come up was weird, it felt like my sense of smell and taste had intensified alot; about half an hour later, i felt real nauseous but this is normal :)

Then shit started to go down after about 40 mins! I remember looking at the sky, and it was moving like a kaliedoscope no lie ahaa, i was like wtf! All my friends were tripping too and were laughing, it makes you feel a bit mongy and you laugh loads. The trip started to get more intense, i was enjoying it though, everything looked amazing, i hadnt experienced anything like this! The were literally patterns everywhere on everything and light was intensified a lot too. So yeah we were all chillin having fun eating BBQ and we were also, passing around a few spliffs... Smoking bud when you are on 25i or 25C DEFINATELY intensifies your trip, its good for on the comedown if you wanna get back up again! So yeah, i was tripping loads and it was all fun and laughs because i was surrounded by my friends, people i knew i could trust who were also tripping enjoying themselves! Oh yeah, another thing, you kind of say real weird stuff aswell ahaa like anything that is on your mind, like i remember saying some crazy shit that would make normal sober people probably class me as insane hahaa. Yeah, i dont really know what time it was by this point because you loose literally all concept of it on 25i (and maybe some of your belongings, especially money  if you have it on u hahaa) but my mate whose house it was was having a party kind of, and some other people started showing up, who were not tripping and i didnt really know too well... N thats when i started to go a bit mad aha. Its kind of hard to explain but this is definitely a bad point about 25i, when youre around people who are sober and are not tripping, especially who have never tripped before, you find it sooo hard to communicate with them, its seriously like near to impossible like and all of my friends agree, you can only be completely at ease around other people who are tripping as they 'get you' or are 'on your level' :) But yea, you get kind of paranoid, like the best way i can put it is, you feel like an absolute crackhead on it around sober people and get real scared and paranoid about what they think about you and you convince yourself your being really weird and that they thing your a massive weirdo, thats one thing i really dont like about it. But on the other hand, when your with people who are also on it, you feel so attatched and close to them, i think 25i made a few of my friendships stronger if i am honest.

So yeah as it was my first trip, i started to get pretty uncomfortable and paranoid, probably because i had smoked some bud on it aswell which made it worse i guess, but i just felt like i had to get out of there! I called to my friend lets call him J, i was like 'J man, i gotta go i cant stay here no longer' as more people had started arriving and my trip was almost at its peak so it was pretty intense at this point, i just wanted to get outside and see everything. J was like 'nah cmon stay here', i said 'no i gotta go man!', him being a good friend knowing me being on my first trip and shouldnt really be alone with no sense of direction, put his shoes on and came with me.

I instantly felt better when i left the party and started to enjoy myself again, everything was beautiful, stuff was moving, i remember looking at the grass and it was multicoloured and looked like it was growing/moving with rainbow water droplets on, sooo sick :L Even though it was not that warm, i had like a vest t-shirt and leggings on and i was BOILING, like not in the slightest cold.  So yeah me and J just walked about looking at shit and had like 2 more joints throughout the night. I think 25i tripping is definitely better with only like 1 person or 2 people rather than a group or by yourself, cause you feel really close, grateful and content with each others company. Me and J had the sickest night ever and i will honestly never forget it, it was amazing, one of the best and most wonderful experiences of my life so far; i learnt alot about myself and saw things i never even knew like existed/could be seen... We felt like completely stupid though on the trip, like fully monged out and couldnt stop laughing and saying weird shit ahaa. The comedown was quite chilled, like you gradually just stop tripping after the peak, but dont completely stop untill you've gone to sleep and wwoken up the following day, it is easy to sleep on may i add.

But yeah, my first trip was great apart from going abit bonkers at the party, but thats nothing that cant be fixed by the company of a good friend who you trust. I woke up  the next day feeling like a different person. However, i would only recommend doing NBOMe like a few times, and definitely not frequently, as it is a fairly newly discovered research chemical that I personally believe to be quite harmful to the body. I also feel like the trip is kind of repetitive? My friend J, took it alot like 14 times over 2 and a half months, and went really depressed and stuff and he still has flashbacks and quite bad side effects off it even now like half a year later. I personally have done 25i three times and 25c once, even now if im getting stoned, ill get light trials or see patterns or trip out a bit, even on MD i trip a bit sometimes usually on the comedown or when im really twisted. So i would advise you guys to only take it a few times well distanced from each other if you're gonna do it. Personally i'm never going to take any of the NBOMe's again as i feel like they have long term effects and ive 'been there done that' but its an experience i'll definitely never forget and that will stay with me for the rest of my life! If i feel like writing any other reports on my trips i will do in good time :)

Thanks, hope you found this interesting/useful!

Happy Tripping; the sasquatch.


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