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I visited an alien world that was oppressed by another Alien race

It was not a pleasant journey, but I wouldnt have changed a thing about it.

First off, Id like to thank the everybody for all the great info posted on this site, as it was my first time growing mushies, and very successful time it was! I owe it all to you guys.
So about my journey, I experienced this with eyes closed under a blindfold, as I find this method very beneficial to reach dream states for teacher plants/fungi. I consumed 3.5 grams of cracker dry cubes(golden teacher)on an empty stomach. I first smudged with white sage, then Right after consumption, I sat down on my bed to meditate with my 5 hole plains flute(I play the flute as a form of meditation, and I keep it with me during my "journeys" as it is a Talisman to me, and I feel it helps to protect me.) Here is my pasted text that I wrote right after my journey.
at first I saw visuals(eyes closed under a blindfold) of kaliedescope knotwork or glyphs/heiroglyphics, which turned kind of mechanized/gear like
then the visions happened, at first I saw this for lack of a better word "alien planet" the color/lighting of this place was violet in color, with pinkish hills
along with strange plant life/flowers? this place was pretty to see. Then I saw one of the "animals" of this alien planet(its hard to recall exactly how the animal looked, but it was four legged,
almost bear like in shape, but pretty squat) it was bound by some kind of energy(almost like vines) the creature was in distress, I wanted to help the creature. then I came into
contact with another alien/entity, that didnt seem like it belonged on the alien planet where I was/ like it wasnt a native species. We communicated through thoughts and feelings at first, but then I could hear it speaking a
language that was composed of *Clicking* sounds.
Then I learned that this "alien/entity" and all its kind were void of love, they didnt understand it one bit, all they understood was "to control" I asked "how can you live without love?"
he said nothing, but seemed curious(this beings energy didnt feel benevolent) I then felt how the entity felt, Void of love, like it was getting inside of me to show me.
I then began to cry(not in the material world, but in the "dream world") the Being was very curious and shocked, and asked what I was doing(why I was crying) as it just didnt
understand. I wanted to show this being love, so I tried to send it "love energy" It seemed like it wouldnt accept it, then I got flashes of images of these strange creatures,
they looked amazingly similar to "SLIVERS" from magic the gathering, and they felt malevolent, and were attacking my "good energy" they did not like love. Then I realized that
this entity and "slivers" were oppressing this beatiful alien planet and the creatures of the planet. They were sucking all the love out of the creatures and the planet.
I was scared, then became enraged at the oppressive race that was in control of this planet, and felt they were trying to even infect earth with their love void So I grabbed my flute(in the physical world that was on the end table next to me)
I also had it in my vision, it gave me comfort and strength. I began trying to cast them out of the world, and out of my spirit, calling upon benevolent energy to make them leave, and to allow the
native creatures to rise up against them, so the alien planet would then be in peace again. I also told them they had no place in "MY" world Then the communication broke and I felt the need to play a short tune on my flute in the physical world.
so I did and the visions stopped.
Through out this "communication" I saw flashes of images, one of them was a rocket like machine, very close up view of perhaps its bottom side, as I saw hoses and and rocket engine spewing a very advanced flame.
I got the "feeling" that the race of the oppressive beings were very intelligent and technologically advanced.

Well, thats it. The experience was a bit frightening but I am very thankful for it, as I appreciate love even more. At first I was trying to avoid the journey, once I felt the "theme" was very alien, lol I wanted to travel to a world filled with love, but after a bit I stopped resisting, because during my smudge ritual I asked the mushrooms to allow me to meet different entities, and I kept hearing this voice as the alien was contacting me, the voice kept saying "this is what you wanted is it not?" and that is what I wanted to I just went with the flow. This was my second exp with the cubes, first time was 2gs and very light hearted compared to the second one. I should also mention that the second journey I had was only 4 days after the first time I tried them. Please feel free to chime in, this is my first post ever, I just feel the need to share my experience.

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