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A New Shroom

This was not the first time i had done shrooms, but the first time that i TRULY did shrooms.

This was not the first time i had done shrooms, but the first time that i TRULY did shrooms. This past summer i started expirementing more and more, having a great time doing X, but wanting to do shrooms again.
While i was working on night a coworker told me that she had some awsome ones, so i bought a quarter. Looking at these they amazed me, they were blue and green with gold specks on them.
So not knowing who would do these with me i was at a good friends house who was rolling and another wasn't, so i asked her if she would like to join me on a "trip"?
After munching on it took about 15 minutes to start. Both of us were sitting outside by a pool completly dumbfounded, looking at all the stuff around us, the railing around the pool waiving back and forth, the walls swrilling with some crazy colors. Not knowing what to do cause i've never seen this kind of stuff befor, i went inside, wrong idea. When i tried to join reality inside i found myself seeing more and more crazy stuff, the fan spinning (but not on), the rug on the floor swriling, the curtains waiving, and much more.
So about an hour into the experience, i had to take piss. While entering the bathroom and after i stared at myself for about what was probably a minute or so, but seemed like 15, i started to relieve myself. In the middle of the piss the bubbles were turning into a face witch i was pissing into its mouth. Giggling and laughing at what i just saw i walked out of the bathroom to see about 3 people wondering what the hell was going on in there. After explaining what was going on they all just looked at me like i had an extra eye.
Oh well though, still having a great time i decided to take a walk with my fellow shroomer, watching the trees wave side to side, the moon and the stars were amazing also. Although having a fun time i wanted to do more stuff, so i took a friends car (with permission0 and went for a drive. Having and awsome time driving i found what i like the best while on any kind of drug, driving! Living in Arizona we went up to a mountain and look at the city for a long time. We went back to the friends house to crash for the night. We put on a movie and soon after that fell asleep.
That night was one of the craziest and most fun nights i have ever had, since then i got hooked on shrooms, i've done those same shrooms a couple of times more until me and my friends bought my friend out of them. No others have come close to that experience and since then me and the fellow shroomer that night started to date. NICE!!!

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