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First Psychedelic Experience, LSD



            We went to Anjuna to score two LSD blots for me and A. We bought each blot for 1500 bucks. A very tiny piece of paper it was. Clearly visible only with a magnifiying glass but not to the naked eye. We then purchased bands and hippie pants from local dealers and almost fought with one. Then we headed to Curlies and found that there was no party. We then went to Hippies where a doomsday pyschedelic party was going on(21-12-12). The dealer asked me just tuo take half blot as It was my first time. So me and A popped the blots. A acted as if he gave me half blot but he gave me a full one. He told me about this after the trip ended.


8:00 - Popped.

We danced for a while and then sat down and ate at a shack on the beach outside Hippies waiting for the effect to kick in. At a moment I felt that that we were fooled by the dealer into buying normal blotter paper.

9:00 -

 A started dancing on the beach outside Hippies. I stood up and started dancing on the cool sand. I still couldnt feel anything. Then A got a call from home and he went aside to speak on the phone. His effect was almost starting to kick in. He spoke for 15minutes on the phone. It was this time when my effects started kicking in.

      I stood there on the beach staring at A talk to his dad. I looked at the sky and the full moon slowly developed a faint light all around it. The stars started moving in a small orbit. I could feel my feet moving through the cool sand and the sound of the waves slowly changing into some random sound. I started walking in circles for about ten minutes looking up at the stars and the moon. I was extremely happy.   A then hung up and we went back to the party and started dancing in the crowd. We were tripping on the dark psychedelic music which was being played by the DJ. Then me and A noticed a hippie smoking hash in a chiloom. We remembered we had a chiloom in the car and went to get it. We walked to the car. Filled the chiloom and starting taking hits beside the car. There were hippie men and women walking around. A started to light the chiloom and I boomed it. As soon as I boomed it a flash of light fell in our eyes. B was with us throughout. He did not pop and was sober. As soon as he saw the light he said ' Fuck the police have come' and went running and sat in the car. Me and A dint know what to do. 

We were laughing there with a chiloom in my hand and the police jeep was right behind with their lights on us. We then went and sat in the car. B insisted we leave. Even though we refused he woke up the driver. The driver was sloshed but we dint know about it. As soon as he woke up he grabbed the wheel and almost drove us right into the sea. He went up till the beach and kept saying that 'this is the correct route, I remember'. I shouted at him and then we turned back and saw that the police were gone. The sound of the party stopped. B said 'The party is over lets go back.' Me and A were psyched. It was just 10 in the night. We wanted to check if the party was on. B said its off lets leave. But we insisted that we go inside and check. We walked back in and there we saw that a headphone party was on!! B remained silent. 

We needed to deposit 500 bucks each for the headphones  but we were nil on cash as we spent everything for the blots, food, pyjamas and bands. So we went back to our room which was about 15 kms from the party. We made our driver sleep at the back of the car and B took the wheel to drive. We reached our room and B started removing money from the bag. He was talking to his brother on the phone. He did not know the power of acid and was thinking that we were acting as if we were high. So we asked another friend called X to call B and explain about LSD. B was talking to X on the phone and this was the time my first major hallucination happened.

          Me and A were sitting in the balcony smoking cigarettes. There were two huge coconut trees infront of me and through the leaves of these trees I could see the moon. The moon slowly started coming closer and started changing into a huge star. I was amazed by this and thought it was really happening. I turned to ask A to watch this and as soon as I turned back I saw that the moon was back to normal. I then realised it was a hallucination. We then started driving back to the party. We drove till Baga and saw a police checkpost far off on the road. We had a chiloom and some hash. So A asked B to pull over. He hid the chiloom and hash beside a medical store on the road and then we drove past the police, uncheked. We wanted to check out Club Cubano a new pub in Goa. We went there and the Valet parking guy saw that we were dressed in hippie pyjamas and said to us ' Entry close hogaya Anjuna ko jaao.'  (entry is closed go to Anujuna).

      We then went to Anjuna. We forgot the route to the party. Searched for about half an hour, asked many people and atlast went to the party from a different route. We parked our car almost a mile away from the party beside a church. We walked almost half a mile but B forgot his phone in the car. We walked back to get it. It was a silent and cold night. Not a single car on the roads. We took the phone and started walking to the party. While we were walking we passed an icecream shop. A creepy old guy was sitting outside the shop talking to two foreigners. He saw us and asked ' Samaan kuch chaahiye?' (do you need any stash?) we dint understand for a moment. I then noticed it was an Amul shop. The creepy guy was Rocky(one of the famous dealers in Anjuna). We told him we were already high. A was asking him the route to Hippies and I wasn't in my senses. I was staring at the foreign couple. The lady suddenly said something in her language. I could only understand one word ' Fuck off.' We were shit scared. I said sorry and started walking back. The lady said ' no no no come back. Whats that you're wearing?'  I was wearing a spain football team jersey. I told her that it is the spanish jersey. She started laughing and said something in Spanish. She thought I was Spanish. All the while she was talking to me in Spanish but I thought that she was abusing me in English. I told her that  I wasn't Spanish. She laughed and said ''Fuck you! We're Espanyol.''  We laughed. Told the lady I was on acid and started walking to the party. 

We went in got our headphones and started dancing. B was sitting on a chair. He was bored as fuck. He never enjoyed psytrance. Me and A were dancing, laughing at few people. There was an Indian family who came to the rave. Husband ,wife and two kids. They couldn't understand a thing. They were sitting on the chairs confused. We laughed at them. B dozed off. We then grabbed a beer and went onto the beach to eat something.

      We ordered an omlette at a normal stall on the beach. The lady was busy making the omlette and we started staring at the sea. It was a wonderful sight. It was a full moon day. We were eating a chocolate. We could hear the sound of the waves very clearly. And far off in the sea there was a small boat, the moonlight was piercing through the foggy horizon and was being focussed only on that boat and no where else. We stared at this sight for about ten minutes. I wanted to go sit on the beach and look at that sight. But A said that we'll be lost if we go sit on the beach now. I looked onto the beach and at a very far distance I saw someone walking. He looked similar to B. I thought I was hallucinating. But it really was B. We dint have our phones with us. The poor guy thought we got lost somewhere and was walking around scratching his head searching for us. We laughed for sometime and later went and spoke to him. We later went into the party, danced for a while. The time was just 2:00 a.m and B said   ' Lets leave if we stay any longer I dont think I can drive back. I'm sleepy.' On our way back to the room A remembered that he hid the chiloom and hash somewhere between Baga and Anjuna. B was laughing at A saying 'Dude it is impossible for you to find the place where you hid it. Even I dont remember where.' It was midnight, all the shops were closed. Suddenly A asked B to pull over. He got down and got the chiloom.

B remained silent yet again.

We reached our room around 2:30 in the night. We talked for a while in the room. B dozed off. Me and A grabbed the chiloom, speakers and went sat in the balcony. We played music and started smoking hash in the chiloom. We sat on proper chairs ,facing each other, with the speakers on the table infront of us. We kept talking about our memories since childhood, we were tripping balls on the music. I hallucinated a lot in the balcony. On the white roof there was a lizard chasing two insects. I kept staring at it. The image slowly transformed into a football field. The lizard was the player and the insect was the ball.

The huge tree beside me looked like a skeleton of a dinosaur. Lights started crawling onto trees. We kept on smoking hash to make the trip more intense. Every small sound was crystal clear. The bark of a certain dog sounded like music. I suddenly saw something big and black fly right beside my head. I'm still not sure if it was a bat or if I hallucinated. The stars were still rotating in a small orbit. We sat there talking, tripping on psy and then the sun slowly started rising. We saw the time and it was 7 30. We  then realised that we sat in the balcony for four hours without getting up from the chairs. I started feeling a bit sad that the same feeling wont last once I sleep and wake up in the afternoon. A said the same thing to me ' dude I'm feeling bad this trip wont last from tomorrow'. We then watched the sunrise and then went into the room. The time was 8 in the morning. We poured a mug of water on B who was snoring and sleeping. He woke up and was angry. Scolded us and slept. Our trip was ending. So we decided to sleep. We laid down on the bed, talked for a while and tried to sleep. The sound of birds outside and that of the air conditioner was very irritating. We could hear these sounds as loud as the music on headphones. A dozed off and after a while I slept thinking about what a beautiful experience it was and feeling sad that I have to wait for a long time for my next acid trip.

There it is. My first experience on acid. The most intense, beautiful, amazing and one of the best experience of my life.

If you are thinking of dropping acid, dont be scared.  keep your mind strong and I swear it will be one of the best experience of your life. Your way of thinking, perspective about almost everything in life will change.

Waiting to pop the Avatar blot this summer.

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