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Great Experience With Acid

1 hit of a very strong acid

Hey guys,
I'm pretty new to psychedelics, I have done acid 5 times including this experience. It was great every time, but this time we did some very strong hit, but we didn't know about it. 

We took 1 hit each and after a hour, thing started looking weird. The trip started kicking in. Walls started to breath, my friend's face was melting down while we were talking. I was speaking to myself: "Yeah, pretty good stuff, a bit stronger than the last time, but guess I this is the peak. Then visuals started to be even more amazing. We listened to Atom Heart Mother by The Pink Floyd, which was something amazing. I felt so relaxed listening to this song, thinking about what it actually means. Very, very intensive.

A really great experience was also looking into the mirror during the actual peak. A friend told me to try that and so I did. I couldn't believe my eyes. My face looked incredibly weird, as it was still moving from side to side and melting down a bit, but it surprisingly didn't scare me at all. Everything looked so detailed, I could see the veins under my skin and the blood flow as I could not ever before. Everything looked so simple and perfectly at the same time. As I was still looking in the mirror, weird things started to happen. My face was now devided into two parts just in the middle of the face. My left part of my face looked normal, but there was something going on with the right part of my face - it was traveling back in time during the whole evolution of a man until the stage of an ape . My face was covered with hair now and my whole head looked completely diffeerent, well it just looked like an ape's face. The ape was envying me how much I just got high right now, how easy it is for me and that in his time they could not achieve such state of mind. I felt sorry for him and feeling a bit guilty, but the ape was happy I can enjoy it, so I should not be worried.

Wow, something incredible. Having a conversation with myself in completely different stage of the evolution was something really memorable. The trip was so strong! It was like dropping 3 or 4 hit of the stuff we had before. Me and my friend experienced telephaty as well, I was really connected with him for quiete a while. There were so many ideas and thoughts in my mind, that I could not concentate at single one for no longer than 10 seconds. It was a little bit too much for me, but really nice experience.

The best trip so far.

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