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Sunday Afternoon

light and easy

My boyfriend and I received some mushrooms from friends last fall. We've been waiting for a sunny warm day to take them since I really like to be outside in the open air. Our friends reported that this batch wasn't as strong as previous batches, and the shelf life may have reduced the potency.

Where I live- April is beautiful. Last week the daffodils were fully bloomed. This weekend the tulips came out in fantastic colors. We have some flower seed packets that I was meaning to plant in the garden- so we decided to try the shrooms and get some sunshine in the back yard while gardening.

I usually scarf down the shrooms and try not to gag. They taste like smelly feet! This time we cooked a pot of udon noodle soup with a shrimp flavored packet. I added some snap peas, two baggies of shrooms and a chopped up grocery store mushroom. With a splash of red rooster hot sauce, the magic soup went down just fine. This was at 2pm.

We went out to the back yard and started gardening. I was digging out weeds and turning soil near the fence to plant morning glory flowers. My boyfriend was raking up sharp pointy seed pods and filled three large lawn bags full of debris. About 30 minutes into this, as I turned the soil and discovered big fat earth worms, and picked leaves and debris out from behind the fence, I started to feel the tingle. Here and there I felt a creepy tension that could be anxiety or panic- but I sat back and remembered that this was all an effect of the 'shrooms and just let my body feel the new sensation without getting worried or paranoid. We sat down in the back yard and described our experiences to each other. In some ways- this was like the feeling of an impending orgasm- so we decided to go inside for a little while and have sex.

I've taken shrooms and LSD about a dozen times over the years- but never tried having sex on them before. I'm glad we did. I loved the sensation of his touch all over my body. I could just lay back and close my eyes and see patterns and enjoy the experience of him pleasuring me. At a certain point though- I started to think about a past relationship that ended badly- and I started to feel sad. Rather than dwelling on negative thoughts, I asked my boyfriend to talk to me. We don't usually talk much during sex- so this was something new and fun. I finally reached orgasm- and it was amazing and wonderful... but it was taking him a while to get off. At this point, I made up a story to tell him about a princess locked in a castle at the top of the hill. She had a naughty gate keeper who would knock at her door and come to pleasure her but an evil witch put a spell on her pussy- so they could only do other things. My boyfriend complained that I was making funny cartoon voices whenever it came to the naughty parts- and eventually he just got on top of me and started fucking away. It was great! He finished off by jerking off all over my pussy. That was something new- he usually won't touch himself in front of me. At the end, I said in my goofy cartoon voice, "thanks for the orgasm!"- which made us giggle like children- especially worried that the neighbors might have heard through the open window.

We went back outside and finished planting seeds and pulling weeds for another hour or two... until about 5pm. Finally we went inside and drank some beer and my boyfriend made pizza which we ate while watching an episode of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

My boyfriend fell asleep by 10 but I still felt some tingly anxiety panic feeling in my body. I normally have a hard time falling asleep at night- but this evening I really didn't want to stay in bed worrying about things. I brought headphones and my laptop to bed and watched some meditation videos on youtube that really helped. After that I listened to Neil Gaimen on youtube reading a chapter of The Graveyard Book- and fell into a nice sleep.

I guess this wasn't much different than any other Sunday- except for the shrooms. And we didn't see anything spectacular really- but it was a nice experience. In the past, I would have been disappointed not to have the visuals (my favorite thing about tripping)- but knowing in advance that this wouldn't be a heavy trip made it totally fine.

I'm looking forward to seeing these flowers sprout this summer. They will remind me of this lovely Sunday. And I'm so happy we found a great soup recipe for the shrooms. I'll definitely try that again.


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