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Zipper of everything we know... and more?

Okay so I took one hit of Salvia 20X out of a bubbler with a torch lighter and tried to hold it in for the full 30 seconds. I could only hold it it for about 10 seconds until an intense surge of energy completely overcame my whole body. This is where I completely blacked out for about a whole minute or two. I could not recollect what had happened then but when i finally became conscious I felt like I and the room and the universe which we know was all just literally a little piece of a zipper being zipped all together with many other bits if the zipper which i believed to be other universes all coming together into one. after this i blacked out again for about 30 seconds. I awoke to find that I was literally shaped like a bit in a zipper and was being very uncomfortably zipped together with other human bodies. I literally felt a force pulling the right side of my body making the right side of my body go numb. I was so uncomfortable during this experience because i became so hot and sweaty and tense I hated the come down. After the last zipper effect and the sweating I had a small case of the room spinning for about 3 minuets which soon went away. The come down was so harsh I am scared to do this again. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life being tugged against other human bodies like a zipper zipping together. Anyone have any similar experiences?

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