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2nd Time Tripping On Shrooms

Trip to hell and back.

So, I started off eating shrooms at about 11:45-50pm, only about half of my 5 grams. At around 2 when I posted this, I just scarfed down the rest with my orange juice. Didn't think I felt anything, so I put on some Pink Floyd, and opened my window. And oh. My. God. It was 2am, and the sky was red, birds were chirping, it was the most beautiful thing ever. But little did I know, it was the start of the worst experience in my life. I decide I'm gonna go adventuring, so I get my iPod and play Pink Floyd while I'm out walking. My neighborhood just seemed so amazing. Birds were chirping, even though I knew they weren't real, tree's were blooming with leaves and flowers and growing right in front of me, even though they really weren't and had no leaves what so ever. So I'm walking still, down to the path into the forest onto a long stretch of road. I come up on this bridge in the forest for the trail, and I just feel so small. The tree's grew insanely huge, the bridge looked like it was miles long, and looking over the bridge was just so beyond beautiful, with the creek/river and whatnot. So I eventually make it onto the long stretch of road that the path runs alongside. The sky is still a dark red color, and the road just looks like it goes straight forwards for AGES. I couldn't even see the end. I still hear birds chirping and whatnot, so I just continue to listen to music, smoke a cigarette and keep walking down this road. By now it was sprinkling rain just a bit, but it was all good. Everything just seemed beautiful, but it really wasn't. So about an hour later, I get to the end of the road, and turn around. I take my headphones out and just walk without any music. It seemed so beautiful, the tinted red color of the sky, the sprinkling rain, and the beauty of the birds chirping.

So about halfway back, I look down to the ground for a few and just look at the reflections in the puddles on the trail, then I look up and I see somebody. I jumped as it startled me, but kept walking. We walked right by each other. He was a weird looking person, I didn't quite get a full view of his face, but as he passed me, I look behind myself, and he was just gone. This freaked me out a little, I couldn't tell if he was real, or if he was just an object of my imagination on shrooms. But I get over it and keep walking. One thing that continues to boggle my mind though, to this very moment. Was the clock on my ipod. It somehow switched the background, to a dark red, rustic looking theme, almost exactly matching the tint of the sky, but I never remember changing this. And to me, it just seemed as if it was counting down, and this is were everything began to turn awful. I shove the ipod back into my pocket, and ignore it. I get back to the bridge, and it was ten timez more amazing this time. The trees were bigger, the bridge was bigger, leaves were growing on the trees, trees were gently swaying, aw my god, it was beautiful. But as I make it back into my neighborhood, it was a matter of time until I freaked out. Coming up to the entrance of my neighborhood from the trail, I thought I saw black smoke in the sky, and everything seemed to move in a massive circular motion. Around the top of my neighborhood. The clouds and this "black smoke" that is. This was a little weird and kinda' spooked me, as I began to realize I'm about to enter a bad, bad, bad trip. But I tried calming myself down and just continued walking and began listening to Pink Floyd again. Birds were still chirping, and as I got halfway into my neighborhood back to my house, everything just turned haywire. I heard what seemed like an electric scooter driving around, and somebody talking, but saw nobody. And as I was about to turn back into my street walking, I saw a car coming down the road, then just disappear right in front of my. Just whisked away into dust and just disappear. So I make it back home, and I go up into my room and shut my door. And this, is where hell just hit me right in the face.

I sat down in my bed, and looked at my door for some reason, then I turned and looked out my window, then decided I'd just lay down. Then I thought I heard a loud car, so I look out my window and see nothing, and decide to lay back down. Then I saw what I thought were lights from a car coming down the street on my ceiling, since how my house/window is angled I can see lights on my ceiling and walls when they come down either way of the street. And I hear the car again. So I look, and see nothing, again. This happened about 2 more times, until I decided to just lay in bed and let it continue to happen. Then I lay up in bed and against my wall, and look at my door. And all of a sudden a glow of green light appears in the crack under my door and just illuminates the floor around it, then I hear a car stop outside in front of my house, I look but see nothing. But I still hear it as if the engine is idling. This began to freak me the fuck out, so I just laid down again and the glowing green light went away. At this point, I didn't know if I was dead or alive, or what. Cause as I began thinking, everything just seemed so unreal. Birds chirping at 1, 2, 3, 4 in the morning, the color of the sky at night, a hellish red tint now that I really think about it, this glowing green light under the door, this car that is just teasing with my mind, the man I saw walking out on the trail that disappeared, the car that just turned into dust and disappeared, and finally, the clock on my ipod. At the time it just seemed hellish. It seemed so unreal, I never changed that myself, I never touched the clock at all. And it's still like that to this moment.

And from there I just laid in my bed for the next 3-4 hours waiting to find out if I was dead or not, or just waiting to come back to reality. And when I did it was the most amazing feeling ever. To finally be back after what looking back on it now, was such a hellish trip despite thinking most of it was absolutely beautiful.

I don't know when the next time I'll do shrooms will be after this, hopefully in the next week or two, but I definitely plan on doing it during the day next time, haha.

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