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2 Friends, river of time and 3 green elephants.

The most spiritual trip I've had so far.

Wanted to post this for a  while. 

So, it happened last spring. I picked up whatever mushrooms my golden fish has grown, loaded suit case with presents and headed back to motherland in eastern Europe to visit friends and family. I should mention that magic mushrooms there are so rare that 99.5% of people have never eve heard of them (amantias are exception, those are very common in the forests all over the place). 

I have found one of my friends while wondering in the city, as I usually do. I like to show up there without giving any notice its more fun that way, I like tracking people down or just bumping into them on the street the looks on their faces are priceless. I knew that he has experimented with a lot of different things so I did not have to convince him to give it a try. So we headed to the park as I really have not had a chance to experience shrooms in the natural setting. On the way he called another friend and asked him if he would be interested in joining us, he said yes but said he will show up later.

We bought couple of beers and picked a spot on the bank of the river. For some reason we decided to chill near the spring that has some kind of significance to religious people and they often come to take a dip in the spring because they believe it has cleansing power. idk im not big on religion but that made a big impact on me later on. It was middle of the spring and still a bit chilly so we had hoodies which came handy later on for tuning religious people out. 
Se we took some shrooms, idk how much we were eyeballing it, probably around 3-3.5g. Turned on some tunes from the phone and just set there catching up on the stuff sipping beers. About 20 min later I started noticing visual distortions and that when I said "OK, enjoy the trip!" to my friend. He looked at me adn asked "what... already?" and that's when I saw his pupils lol.. so it began.

All the colours turned super juicy! As I said it was spring so everything was just starting to turn green and this green started to dominate everything with some browns that were almost purples. The movements of tree on the far bank started syncing in with my breathing, so did the grass and ripples on the river. I felt like I was part of it. Part of everything. Part of the world, in my place, connected to the whole world. I asked my friend how her was feeling he described it to me in exactly the same words. That when we understood that our trips have synced in. That was where the second buddy showed up and started making fun of us "Oh look dolphins in the river hahaha", we told him to eat some and catch up asap. So he did. Afterwards there were moments of eternity, and slideshows, and i seized to distinguish between myself and the rived. One moment I was in the river, the next one I was the river, the next moment the river was everything. I felt all the memories of my childhood flowing in. I looked at the playground on the other bank that was barely visible thought the trees. I thought that, the kids on that playground are the centre of the universe and everything else is really revolving around them. I saw myself on that playground. I looked left and say a boy grossing the river via the old tree that fell into the river long time ago during storm but was till alive. That was when I understood that it was his right of passage, and I understood that no matter what, and who we are, we all have to go through one in one form or another. I looked at the trees on the opposite side and understood why they were there. I understood that they ended up there for millions of little reasons and yet they couldn't have been anywhere else. That was when those trees morphed into 3  green elephants and came up to the shore to drink water with their trunks. At that moment I felt like I understood everything. We were having distorted conversations with my friends, I really didn't feel like talking much because I knew at least one of them is experiencing almost the same thing. There was lots of other stuff that I cant really explain any more. 

The day ended with us trying to find some beer pub to relax in peace, because the next day there was a trip to another city and then to another and then to another. It was the great way to break the ice after few years, and in those few hours we could understand each other better then in all the emails and chats for the past few year.

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