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A new experience

I have taken mushrooms twice now, and I believe the experience is unique and simply blasts away any other drug.

I have taken mushrooms twice now, and I believe the experience is unique and simply blasts away any other drug. So in my enthusiasm I searched the internet to find reports of other trips and experiences during those trips. I enjoyed reading them and figured other people do too. So now I’m going to make my own little contribution.

This report is about my first time on shrooms. We wanted to try them for quite a while already, but we never did. That day we were in Amsterdam to check out a study, and afterwards we were gonna get some shrooms. We didn’t manage to get them straight away since none of us was eighteen, and that’s the minimum age you have to be to buy them here. Finally we got our hands on the these magical wonders of mother nature. Me and my best friend, E, were gonna take them. Our other friend, J, decided he didn’t want to. We ingested the shrooms, which were Thai shrooms(35grams fresh, both of us), in the first alley we came across because it was already much later than we planned for.

After about twenty minutes after ingestion the first signs that they were gonna hit became apparent. We were just walking around and not expecting them already. I had the feeling as if the street would just sink away where ever I wanted to put my feet, thus stepping in holes all the time. This was quite hilarious, and it faded away before it got to the point where it might have become annoying. Me and my friend E now knew what was going on and we figured we could roll a spliff to ease things up. However I found myself unable to roll one, and after trying hard I ended up with something that looked like it. The filter came out straight away, and had to be put back in by our sober friend. I knew the spliff wasn’t gonna get any better so we just smoked it as it was. Around that time I saw the moss glowing and the buildings on either side of the alley bend towards each other.

When the effects really started to kick in it was getting a bit too much. Walking became quite difficult as if I were very drunk. And I had the feeling I was being pulled towards the canal. E wanted to sit down, but me and J didn’t want to sit out on the street. Also J was getting pretty hungry and we thought we could just as well sit in a cafeteria. By this time me and E were laughing uncontrollably about everything. We listened to his mp3 player, then one of the cords fell over my arm and I had the idea I was constricted in it. I must have spent quite a while trying to get arm back “out”. I started to get pretty confused about things and would completely forget my surroundings. However the mood was good, so I just enjoyed it.

Across the cafeteria was a small bar, where we went to next. I crossed the street, looked back to see if they followed me and I found them standing on the other side of the street. For some reason this was so extremely odd, and I asked them: “Why are you standing on the other side of the street? Get over here man.” This feeling returned later on in the trip when he was standing on the other side of the street again. It also happened during our second trip, and I still can’t quite figure out why it felt so alien to see him on the other side. Anyway, to the bar we went. We were still laughing our asses off about everything, and sometimes about nothing too. Then E got a bit uncomfortable. He went out to get some fresh air, but soon returned. He asked me if we could go. Then something hilarious happened and he forgot all about it. We listened to a song of Pink Floyd and chatted some more about how reality had left us. Even though I didn’t have very clear visuals I knew that what I saw made no sense. Then I had a great idea, I would use my phone’s camera to see how things really were. Because I felt it was the only thing that could really show me how everything looked in real life. Half a minute later we did a whole photo shoot which is still funny to me today. From that moment on all kind of strange feelings were going on inside my head. I began to see our group, not the physical group, but the psychological meaning of the word. It was as if me and my friends were in a sphere and totally shut off from the other people. At some point I actually saw the bubble surrounding us. But no word known to me could really describe this group-bubble. It was more of a visualized emotion. I also had the idea that the whole bar was filled with some kind of a liquid that surrounded me very comfortably. Things began to look reddish as if the liquid was no longer transparent, but had a slight reddish color to it. At some point I thought it would be a good idea to try my luck at a slot machine, but confused as I were, I couldn’t figure out how to use it. So I just randomly slammed a button. The lady at the bar yelled to me someone was playing that slot machine. I didn’t know what she was talking about, because there was nobody there. I started to look at the ground, as if this person was maybe standing there. It took me so long before I realized somebody had some credits left on it and was just getting a beer or something. There was some cold air that I later shaped into a ball on my lap. I told E about the ball of cold air on my lap and eventually he said that he felt it too. That’s about as much as I can remember of the café.

We left, and wandered around screaming and laughing. Then I had to pee, I didn’t wanna take a leak in the canal so I asked J how long it was to get back to the café. At the same time I realized that if he would say five minutes, it wouldn’t make any sense to me. I had lost my feeling of time. We just walked back because there was no way on earth that he was able to explain to me how long five minutes were. It must have been a couple of minutes later when I was standing in front of the door to the toilet. But opening it proved difficult as I couldn’t recall how these things actually worked. When I finally got in, there was some pee on the floor, and as I was peeing, it would start to crawl up the wall. It looked pretty cool, but soon I forgot about it.

J had already past the point where we had just gotten too much for him, and he didn’t like it one bit. He just wanted to go home. I must have been over my peak by then because I understood his situation and noticed we were really annoying the shit out of him. I figured that we were gonna have to go home anyway, and that trying to find the train station wouldn’t be a bad idea. However J had no idea where the train station was, so I had to point it out to him even though I still wasn’t able to make much sense of things. Maybe I had just gotten lucky, but the route I came up with led us straight to the train station. On our way there we came across some of the dealers that are quite usual on the streets of Amsterdam’s red light district. They would be mumbling xtc, cocaine, speed as they passed me. I could do nothing but laugh at them.

The train station, Amsterdam Centraal, is quite a impressive building and there were bright spotlights pointed at it to light it up nicely. However the clear edges and shadows provided more ways to look at it, much like the way you can perceive a cube in more way than one. The result of this was that the edges began shifting, and certain parts would sink in or pop out. Later I noticed a lot of colorful towers positioned in front of this building. I was quite pleased with the sight of them and I was just looking at those colorful things standing around. When we got there it struck me that these were not towers, but those big cylinders they use to store cement(They were renovating or something). Then I really felt myself coming down, objects looked familiar again and the confusion inside my head disappeared. We were still lacking any sense of seriousness so we had some good laughs before we came home.

The trip lasted about five to six hours in total and it was one I will never forget. The second trip was less intense, even though I had way cooler visuals. I think it has something to do with the way I perceived feeling and emotion that made it so great. I can’t really put my finger on it. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and do not hesitate to leave a comment ;)

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