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First trip

3 grams

So my first trip happened with a couple buddies, one backed out and decided he wanted to hang out leaving three of us. So we split his eighth and were on our way. Slapped the shrooms on a pb&j sandwich and ate it. I've tried them since plain and I think they taste fine. Anyways, two of my buddies had done them before and one of the guys was feeling it about 25 minutes in. So an hour rolled around and I figured they weren't going to work, but the. I took notice in a street lamp across the street, "is that light always that bright yellow?" My buddy who started tripping early kept saying "I'm so thirsty, but I spilled water all over my shirt!" And that's when it hit. Uncontrollable laughter. He just kept rubbing his shirt saying that. So we go back in our house and hang out, tv is on but I can't look at it, too crazy. So I just sat on the couch and and let it swallow me. We had the ottaman that was modern with neutral colored squares and rectangles and one of the guys wouldn't walk near it, me, I needed that thing right up next to me on the couch. When our sober friend set it down next to me I had such a happy feeling. Later we go outside and sit out back. I of course brought that ottaman with me. I was watching the cloves sway and I realized I felt bad for walking around In The grass and killing all these innocent bugs, so I decided to just sit in a chair. We busted out a guitar because I thought whatever I played would sound awesome, not the case. Put my fingers on the frets and I had 9 fingers, okay so moving on haha. Eventually I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed I was hallucinating so hard. I remember looking at my hands and they turned into sand and withered away. I tried looking at a buddies notebook and all the letters started moving, not as whole letters but the lines that make them up. They would move and swirl and create symbols, it was rad! Later on I was in some futuristic world and I can't explain it but it surrounded a large tree, which we had in our backyard. In this world a train was traveling and I watched it go round and round the tree then finally it came towards my face with a skull on the front and I went right into its mouth. After we have been outside for a bit the sober fiend calls our other friend to come over. Well we probably asked 50 times between the three of us where he is. We would be talking and at some point to"oh yeah where's Edwards?" Or  " dude, I thought Edwards was coming?" And our friend would always say I just talked to him like five minutes ago he will be here. Definitely no time perception. We probably said lets to on a walk 100 times and never pulled it off. I often felt as though I needed to pee or maybe I already peed my pants, luckily I never peed my pants. Ate one point I thought " am I breathing?" So I tried concentrating on breathing but convinced myself that I don't need to worry about that, my body will work all that out. Finally we go back inside and just trip out on the carpet or furniture and I used the bathroom. One of the roommates painted it black and had some creepy posters up so I went pee and turned around to look in the mirror and spiders started to appear, so I just got out of there immediately. That was about as bad as things got. We all went through every phase of the trip together and it was freaking awesome! That's my story, its six years old and probably missing tons of good parts bui don't remember it all anymore. Thanks guys!

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