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first trip report. huge combo

be careful.

last friday, me and a friend decided do dip into a collection of drugs, because we had the whole weekend to ourselves and nothing important to do.

what we had: 1000+mg 2CB, 500mg 2CE, 500mg 2CT2, 1000mg Ketamine, 5000mg Methoxetamine, 1 sheet of LSD a friend laid out for me on a sheet he printed out with the cover of The Grateful Dead's album Shakedown Street, unknown amount of speed, 60 30mg Adderall IR, 120 1mg Clonazepam, 1/2 oz Cubies, ~350 2CCNBOMe blotters, ~600 2CBNBOMe blotters, 900mg 4-ho-met, 250mg 4-AcO-DMT, 200mg DMT, a 1.4 gram MDMA rock, and a 3 gram bag of Amber Molly.

We started the night off (well, at this time it was probably 7:00) drinking some New Castle beers, i probably only drank 2 or so, my friend drinks a lot and had maybe 5 within the time i had 2.

8:30- we each dosed 200mg MDMA, 100mg 'amber molly' (brown and tastes like black licorice from hell), 25mg 2C-B, and 2 tabs of LSD. (yes, i had a milligram scale for the Powders)

9:15-Coming up HARD on the 2CB in my friends room while listening to music. I had insane eye wiggles and my hands were getting really sweaty. rolling really hard at this point, visuals setting in, effects of LSD haven't been noticed yet. Friend leaves the room to get something or talk to somebody. I can't move or respond to anything he's saying. My friend leaves the room for a beer and i stay because i really dont feel like moving.

9:45- WOAH theres the LSD. I had forgotten I had taken it at this point. bodyload from 2CB is finally cooling down a bit, but im going from cold to sweating within minutes. visuals are insane. couldn't see straight and there was not a single thing in sight that wasn't warping or breathing. I was seeing such beautiful colors and patterns. got a text from my friend "Can you talk yet?" that took me about 2-3 minutes to comprehend. was i not able to talk? why'd he text me instead of coming into the room? am i okay? am i dying? man, i really need water. fuck phones. i turn my phone off and put it on a table.

10:00- i go out into the livingroom where my friend is wrapped up in a blanket playing with a kaliedoscope, drinking a heineken and listening to Ween. Ween sounds amazing.
He looks at me like he's terrified or has forgotten i was there. i tell him i'm okay now and he seems more calm. i grab a glass of water and take a sip, wow water has never been so good before. life. my friend has never rolled before this so he says "now i see why people like ecstasy." I sit on the couch next to him and we start having conversations about life and what we want to do later on down the road. i've never felt this open before.

10:30-Feeling great. sitting outside looking at the stars and smoking cigarettes. absolutley beautiful. we decide to go back inside after 20 minutes. inside, i pull out my scale and bag of miscelaneous drugs, weigh a 15mg dose of 2ce for each of us and 25mg of MXE. very suprised i could use a scale. while weighing the 2CE, it looks like the powder is sizzling and melting on the scale. i get worried. is the scale hot? no. then i remember I'm tripping very hard and the powder looks like that because of how fluffy and light it is. more relieved.

11:15- MXE was a bad idea. at this point, i'm twice as fucked as before and my friend is naked. he's saying dude just do it it's just a body, who cares? i'm freaking out and begging him to put pants on or at least wrap up in a blanket. he refuses to do so, so i go outside and have a cigarette, hoping he's dressed when i get back. i get back and he's in tears on the floor saying hes fat and ugly(he weighs probably 150 lbs and is about 5'8''). i then finally get him to put clothes on after saying "no you're not ugly, and no, being naked with your best friend isn't natural. you've just consuumed a lot of drugs." and now he realizes what he just did and says "oh shit. youre right. fuck." and now im a little worried. is he really that gone?

around 11:30- Me and my friend blast off on DMT. 40mg each. the smoke is harsh and i am very high already so i am kind of nervous. i hit the freebase pipe until i can no longer light or hold it (maybe 4 hits?). my friend grabs the pipe from my hands and burns himself. everything is shaking and i suddenly start to feel very warm. i smile and close my eyes and put my head back. kaliedoscope patterns and colors everywhere. i see figures of people dancing all around me. very very beautiful. I slowly come down and realize there are tears in my eyes. i felt as if i took a very long nap in a hammock in the center of the galaxy. very refreshing.

12:00- some friends stop by and see how gone we are. ive known them for 5+ years, and can barely recognize them. they ask to make a purchase but instead i insist on a trade. they wanted some 2CT2, so i give them 250mg and they give me a good amount of mushrooms. we're talking and listening to music,my friend is a lot more calm with more people here. i give everyone a dose of 2CB and a little baggie of K.

quit keeping track of time- everyone has left and it's just me and my friend. i notice someone has left 2 $100 bills on the counter. i call my friend "T" and he says that he left that for me and thanked me for giving him that stuff. me and my friend take 5 tabs of 2CB-NBOMe and each do a small bump of K. my friend wants to snort some 2CT2. I tell him how agonizing the pain is, and he doesnt believe that it's THAT bad. so i go ahead, weigh out 10mg, he sniffs it, and his face is instantly red and hes crying in pain screaming "you fucking asshole that was ghost chili powder!! I got kicked by a fucking horse!" i respond "no, man i tried to tell you it would be the worst pain you could put yourself through right now, you insisted.." i then give him a glass of water and he snorts a few drops of water to help the burn. i weigh out 15mg 2ct2 and take it orally.

cant remember anything after this other than my friend enede up naked again, going outside in the snow barefoot, still naked, ran down the block screaming "I AM GOD!!!!", steps on broken glass and cuts his foot open without realizing it. i have faint memories of the next 5-6 hours. we didn't come down for around 18 hours or so, and by then the sun had already came up and i was supposed to go hang out with some friends later that day, so we had to stay awake somehow. to stay awake we each take a tab of LSD and about .3g MDMA. 

Lesson learned. big combos=big mess. I think i'm done with drugs for a good 6 months or so. i am very lucky i didn't come out of that with serotonin syndrome. my friend was hearing voices in his head for a few days after coming down.

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