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Hike through hills during sunset

I eat the shrooms around 5 pm. We drive to CVS to pick up some tripping essentials. During the drive I already start to feel something.  It's similar to salvia in that I felt somewhat confused and disoriented. Texting her is weird. My phone feels weightless. Different sections of the screen drift past each other horizontally and vertically. And it's difficult to tell whether I make errors.


The onset is similar to being drunk. I stumble a bit while walking and my coordination is off. Things start to feel weird in my hands and seem strange in general. We drive up to a little league field in Palos Verdes to go hiking in the trees behind it. I notice patches of yellow flowers on the hills, lit bright by the setting sun. The "drunkenness" hits me when I get out of the car. I start laughing, unable to find the words to explain how I'm feeling.


We start hiking uphill alongside a dry riverbed. I hear a weird boing coming from his backpack. She hears it too, and we laugh. We come to a fork in the path and decide to cross the river. Then I stumble upon the most magical scene I've ever witnessed. It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. There's a small pond of perfectly glassy water settled in the riverbed, reflecting the plants on the rock wall above it. A tree rooted in the river spreads over us, creating a concealed area closed off to light. Sunlight shone in only from the pathway ahead of us, filtered through giant green clovers and hanging leaves. It felt like walking into a hidden world.


On the other side, we continue our trek, walking back toward the coast now. I notice the yellow flowers have gotten brighter. There are rows and rows of them, and if I focus on one in the middle of the patch, the rest start to blend into one. I have my first distinct hallucination looking at the hill. As I stare at a tree, scattered parts of the scene remain stationary while the others drip diagonally down together.


We make it to the street and walk back to where we parked. We decide to walk up the hill to watch the sunset. He hands me some towels and they feel very strange to me. As I squeeze them I feel resistance, as if there's a object inside. I even feel the sensation that it moves. I wave my hand in front of my face and notice that it has a really long tail streaking behind it. I walk up the hill. At the top is a fence and trees on a background of the deepest sky blue. I sit down next to her and look out toward the coast.


The scene is absolutely amazing. It's so vast. On either side of the pathway leading up the hill are patches of vibrant, yellow flowers. At the bottom of the hill is the little league field, shining bright green.

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