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Bad Trip In Amsterdam

After Effects - Need Advice

This past Saturday was the last day of my spring break journey across Europe, and the plan was to do shrooms and roam around Amsterdam. I have done shrooms twice before, the most I've ingested prior was an eighth of some pretty potent mucks. So, feeling like I had some experience under my belt, I went out and found the most potent "truffles" I could find.  I was with my current roommate who I've known for about 4 months now. He made the buying transaction. Apparently the guy at the smart shop (that's what they call the truffle vendors in AMS) said that the truffles provide visual hallucinations and the first half is usually positive, and the come down is often gloomy. My friend didn't tell me about the second part until half way through the trip. 

So we both eat half the box of truffles (one box is equal to one dose) and sit down at a bench and enjoy the first half of our trip. No bad thoughts, just giggly and enjoying the sun hitting our faces. We eat the second half of our respective boxes. We looked through some Vice magazines which was really amusing and everything was going well. Then comes the idea to smoke weed. We go into a coffee shop, and I make the ambitious decision to buy a hash joint. After smoking the hash joint I start feeling nauseous so I tell my friend Im going outside for some fresh air. I sit down on a chair and lose consciousness. I'm woken up by the coffee shop employees and my roommate, I'm not sure how long I was out for, definitely not more than a few minutes.  They give me some sugar water and chocolate, because they said I had low blood sugar. From then on, we wander around the city. I remember having dark, depressing thoughts- and some really scary thoughts that I hadn't had since my childhood. During this point I was afraid that the trip would last forever. By the way, it was my first time shrooming without a sitter and in a foreign environment. Not knowing where to go, we feel lost in the city and pretty frightened. We finally come down from the trip about 8 hours after the first ingestion. A long distance call with my family put me in a positive mood and we relax in our hotel room before our 7AM flight the next morning. As expected,  I didn't get any sleep that night. 

I fly back to Barcelona where I am currently studying abroad. Yesterday the day after my trip I felt slightly out of it, I thought it was probably a accumulation of drinking, smoking herb and the shroom trip. Today, 48 hours after my trip, a friend asks if I want to smoke some herb which I said yes to. After 3 hits of the bong I felt a very different buzz than I usually get from smoking weed. It was a slightly anxious feeling and I told him I didn't want to smoke anymore. We step outside and start walking down the street. Then it hits me, a very similar feeling to the one I had during my comedown phase of my trip I had 2 days before. Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, bad anxiety... I didn't experience  any visuals and I was still able to hold it together and have a normal conversation with the person I was with. That lasted about 30 minutes and then wore off, leaving me a bit foggy in the head. 

Looking back, I was overly ambitious with my dosage and/or potency of the shrooms. I also advise people not to smoke hash while tripping. MY QUESTION TO ANY EXPERTS: Do I still have the psilocybin in my system and that's why I experienced that effect from smoking 2 days after?  Has anybody else experienced anything similar? I'm definetely going to lay off the herb for as long as it takes...Don't want to have any reoccurance. Also, I've never had a reoccurance like this after my other trips.   I am a bit foggy in the head, but I am able to function normally. I'm not sure if it's from the mushroom trip or from the overall spring break trip. I'm a bit worried about all of this... Can someone please offer some advice. Thanks

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