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An Amazing First Experience

P. Cubensis - 3 Grams

I first became interested in Psychedelic Mushrooms as the summer of 2012 wound down. I was finally a senior in high school, with a job and a much newfound freedom. That summer was the first time I used cannabis, and as I sat down on my friends couch and watched Friday, feeling the cascading waves of euphoria wash over my body, I realized that the previous fifteen years of my life had been a lie. Drugs, I realized, were not a malice that destroyed lives, they were a tool that could be used to achieve happiness. I was determined to learn more.

Once I got home, I got on my laptop and began googling various drugs I had heard about. LSD and MDMA were what I first searched for, mushrooms were an afterthought. As I read more blogs and resources, I heard more and more of the %u201Cmagic mushroom%u201D, and how many considered it to be the perfect drug for a first Psychedelic experience. My friends, however, were not so eager and so the mushrooms were put at the back of my mind for the rest of the summer. It was not until the dead of winter when I encountered them again. At a house party, I was introduced by a mutual friend to a mushroom dealer. We got off well and I made plans to purchase some as soon as possible. As soon as the cold Canadian weather broke, I purchased a half ounce and hastily persuaded some friends of mine to join me. I met three friends after school on a Friday, K, N and T. None of us had any Psychedelic experience, with the exception of T who had a very small mushroom trip a year prior. K and I, however, had had some positive DXM experiences so I felt prepared. The only person who we could persuade to sit for us insisted that we blaze him up, which turned out to be an unwise decision.

My mindset going into the experience was one of a desire to learn. I had read a few trip reports online, but I accepted that the only thing I could really do was keep an open mind and allow the experience to happen. We ate at exactly 1:00 pm to spare ourselves from any mental math calculations while tripping. T & I ate 2.5 grams each, of what I would later learn was P. Cubensis. I had read that mushrooms make you feel %u201Ccold%u201D, so I put on some long underwear. K and N joined us 20 minutes later and took 3.5 each. I remember the taste being unpleasant, but not revolting. The location we had chosen was a clearing in a local park, which was a pristine temperate rainforest, with ancient cedars, walls of green moss, ferns, and all sorts of fungi. After about half an hour, I was feeling disappointed; our sitter had taken multiple bong rips, and was playing some particularly depressing Pink Floyd. A couple of other kids who I barely knew had also shown up. I was worried that the mushrooms would not work, when suddenly K told me to close my eyes. As soon as I did so, vivid mosaic-like patterns of orange and yellow began to dance in front of me. They twisted, distorted, rotated, and most interestingly, changed colour rapidly. My fears of a wasted afternoon were obliterated when I opened my eyes to see the entire forest breathing. The moss in front of me took on a brilliant shade of green and I was awestruck as the surface appeared to be shimmering and moving in and out of focus. I could compare the effect as to looking through a camera lens and quickly adjusting the depth of vision. By this point, I was fully tripping and began to experience a bout of fairly severe nausea. I felt awful and began to fear that I was having a bad trip. I tried my best to ignore these thoughts and remind myself that it was all temporary, but the nausea was extremely unpleasant and made positive thinking difficult.

By now it was an hour since ingestion, and I was having an awful time. I felt sick, trapped, and the people who weren%u2019t tripping were crowding around be and bombarding me with questions about what I was experiencing. I sat on a rock and decided that I would ride this thing out, and vowed to never touch any psychedelics again. A few minutes later, however, my friends, who seemed to be having a much better time decided to go for a walk. I joined them, and as I began to walk I felt much better. I put some light music on my iPod and the positive vibes began to hit me. I began to contemplate the ancient forest that I was walking through, and realized that I was a part of something much bigger than myself. I thought about how many hundreds of years the trees had stood, and how they would stand for hundreds more after I died. I thought about the millions of organisms who had lived out their entire existence in the forest through which I was now walking. I stretched my arms out and allowed my fingertips to drag across the firms. Each time, I felt like I was forging a connection with the entire, not unlike in the movie Avatar. I looked at my friends, and told them that I finally understood why people like this so much. At some point, we realized that our sitters and left us, but we felt no fear, only sadness that they could not share this feeling with us. We decided to go down to the beach, and the walk down was one of the most beautiful of my life. The rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are a sight to see, even for the most unenlightened of minds, and on mushrooms it was mind-blowing. I kept insisting that the group stop for a moment, so that I could contemplate the complexity of a single fern, or the brilliant colours of a small rock.

Upon reaching the beach, we sat on a bench and looked across the bay and looked at the city of Vancouver. The sight was stunning. The skyscrapers of downtown shone like a rainbow, the sky was a gorgeous shade a blue, and the sea had and indescribably intricate pattern of swirls. We shared a cigarette amongst the four of us, and it tasted incredible. Cooler than that was the way that the smoke swirled around us in a multitude of colours. As we sat on the bench, we began to talk. I can%u2019t remember any of it, but I do remember laughing at everything that was said as if it was the funniest joke in the world. We talked about life, about our hopes and aspirations, and about our peers. It was quite intimate and very enjoyable. T took a bong rip at some point, and decided that we should look at the tide pools. The starfish and barnacles were fascinating, but hard to focus on due to the wild distortion of our vision. It was now 4 o clock and the sun was setting. The sunset was indescribable in its wonder and I was almost reduced to tears. We all talked and joked and the mushrooms wore off, and after the brief hike out of the park, we parted ways and went home, with the memories of an experience that none of us would soon forget.

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