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Multiple Realities

Psilocybe Cubensis

Background Information

I had always been interested in spirituality and philosophy, one night a friend of mine mentioned he was getting a hold of some mushrooms and offered to sell them to me since he had already done them and knew i wanted to try them. I took the offer and got around eight decent sized mushrooms caps and stems and planned to take them the next day.

It was around the first week of May, it was a beautiful day, clear skies, nice temperature and i lived out in the country,so i figured i had the perfect setting to experience the trip. Around two oclock my mother left for work and i had decided i would eat the shoorms and take a walk down to the stream approximately a a half hour walk from my house as i knew it would take a good fifty minutes or so for the mushrooms to kick in. I left the house got down to the bottom of the street and decided to cut through the woods. My friend told me to eat them gradually but i thought "what the hell? il just down the whole lot" and that is exactly what i did. I carried on walking and sat down by the stream and just chilled, nervous but excited to see what the trip would bring i was debating if they would even work. About fourty minutes after ingesting i was feeling nothing so i got up and planned to head back home but took a different route about halfway home i started to notice the trip coming on and began getting more and more excited. I could see trails being left behind vehicles driving by, i started to see ripples moving in the road as if it the road was flowing like water but i was feeling great and euphoric. The next thing i knew i could hear music playing like some dubstep beat, only nothing was playing it was all in my head and had to be one of the best beats i have ever heard.. ironic. I got home and decided to go lay out in the backyard behind some trees and just be around nature, I began to get extreme CEV`S i would close my eyes and see bright colours and different geometric patterns. I recall seeing my third eye and a beautiful face of what looked like a women or a goddess.

Ninety minutes in i began seeing very obvious visuals, i remember turning to look at the trees blowing in the wind and seeing the whole thing in slow motion. The clouds were dancing and singing to me and i recall laying their laughing at them as i knew clearly i was fucked up. Around two hours in to the trip i began feeling a little confused, i was feeling great but i could not understand time, i looked at my watch and could not make out what it read. Minutes began to turn into hours, that is when i started to panic. I must have been at a high level three trip at this point, i began to feel loss of ego and self identity, this is when i knew things were quite serious. It felt as if i never existed, like my whole life had just been one big dream and my time on earth was not reality. Even the simplest of things that happened the day before was one big blur. Time was distorted to the point where seconds became hours, i felt like i was trapped in limbo and had been here for years. I closed my eyes and felt myself blowing away with the wind. I drifted of into my own world when i closed my eyes, i had forgotten about the physical world altogether, i happen to remember flying throughout space and the universe passing comets and seeing stars it had to be one of the most obscure things i have ever seen.

Not sure how long i had my eyes closed for but when i reopened them i thought i was back to normal, big mistake, i was still in some other reality. I felt as if i had become one with the universe and divine. I was never going to return to my normal everyday life, but what i would give to go back and just live my normal life again was unreal, i remember laying their thinking how if i went back to reality i was going to be the best person i could be, i was going to let my parents know how much i appreciate them, how i love my friends and how it is such an honor to hang with them, that i was going to treat my girlfriend right and treat her like a lady and be the nicest guy in the world. I realized the little things in life that we worry about just did not matter, all that mattered was that we were a good person and treated others how we wish to be treated because we were all connected and all one.

I started to come down but the visuals and mindfuck was still strong. I went in the house and passed my step dad not making eye contact and tried to act as normal as possible. I felt like i was in a dream, and that i had to not let others know.. kinda like in  inception waking up through each state but not sure whether or not your back in the real world. I made my way up the stairs and stumbled and saw myself trip out of myself for a second from a third person view. Nevertheless i carried on and laid down on the bed in my room and locked the door. Still having strong visuals i could see halos and faces around objects in the room. I slowly began to remember reality and went on facebook. My friend Sarah started instant messaging me but i struggled reading her messages. It appeared as if her letters had split and did not make any sense like " Hi h ow  ar e yo u?" but i did my best to respond, she said she was going to make me a cake as my birthday was coming up in a few weeks and i told her she was the best. Of course i was feeling great again now and slowly started to remember things. All of a sudden i remembered i was laying back out in the yard, but i was in my room, so how could i be in my room if i was outside? the mindfuck was still present but it gradually faded.

By the time i had come down fully my pupils were still dilated ridiculously, although nobody in my household noticed surprisingly, The mushrooms taught me a lot that day and i would say they defiantly changed the way i look at things in a different light. If it is something you think you should try i certainly would recommend you go in with an open mind and prepare yourself for a positive environment. Overall i had a great trip and would not mind going back a second time.

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