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1 gram Lemon TeK= spiritual breakthough

1 gram lemon tek!

SO to start this trip report off i have to say that i've lemon tekd  4.5 grams before and didnt even get this far into exploring my own consciousness

 so me and my friend "J" went for a hike in the forests behind my house and we brought 2 grams of shrooms along and some bomb sour diesel to smoke on while we were tripping. since we only had 2 grams of mushys we split it two ways and lemon tekd it. we smoked a few bowls and some hash then slammed the lemon shots. it only took about 20 minutes for the full effects to come on. my homie and I were having pretty much the same visuals ( geometry in the sky and increased visual acuity also sounds became wider and there was a lot of resonance with the music we were bumping. so about an hour in or so i started having these INSANE thoughts about how everything is connected and i felt one with the universe. i also had Epiphanies about how strange it is for all of us to be a living conscious organism that just basically infests the universe and manifests itself. i was puzzled on the thought " what happens when you die" what happens to your "spirit" and where does your conciousness go? on the comedown which there wasn't much of because lemon tek doesn't really have a comedown stage i felt enlightened and felt i had a peace with everything as i usually do coming out of a psychedelic experience . we smoked a few bowls then headed back home to where im now typing this trip report. have a nice day and i hope you enjoyed this :)

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