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The Night I Fell In Love With 2C-C-NBOMe

Magnificent research chemical casts me out into the necterean ocean of love and bliss

A new door was opened in my psyche last night on 2C-C-NBOMe. It was a door I had been searching for for years. Throughout all my psychedelic journeys I have been able to find similar passageways, but none seemed as elegant as this one. 2C-C-NBOMe has taught me how to love, it has taught me how to grow as an individual in positivity, it has taught me how to be gentle, and grateful for what I have and it has taught me that no matter what situation I may be in, I can always choose to be free. I feel so much light right now, I'm nearly in tears. This drug is incredible.


I planned to ingest 2C-C-NBOMe on Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 6:45 a.m. I was going to spend the entire day tripping and walking in the woods. And while that would have been amazing (and I still plan on doing it), I just could not resist taking 2C-C-NBOMe any longer. I was alone and actually feeling lonely for the first time in awhile. It did not feel good, so I decided to take the drug to cheer me up.

First, I smoked a fat bowl of some dank. That shit made me so paranoid that I began to have doubts about taking 2C-C-NBOMe. Fear flooded my mind and I thought, "what am I doing?"

Friday, March 22nd, 2013, 8:30 p.m.:
2C-C-NBOME ingested.
(close data log)

Approximately 15 minutes after I took the drug I went to my bedroom to go lay down. I was all alone, in darkness. I put on some ear buds and they blocked all outside noises from coming in contact with my audio perception. I plugged the ear buds into my laptop and began playing some relaxing meditation music. I began to get lost in the music and in my breathing, and as my awareness began to slip away I questioned whether I was still awake or not. 

I was completely lost in the meditation, then I suddenly began to feel fear. I was afraid of being trapped. So I immediately got up, took my ears buds with me, grabbed my skateboard and jetted off down my street. I began blasting some amazing psytrance on my iPod as I skated down the street. I felt so much freedom, harmony and bliss, it was indescribable. I saw city lights, airplanes, cars, mansions, bars, people, everything. It was just life, and it was incredibly beautiful and miraculous. I began to see humanity in a different light, a more positive light. 

I was so enthralled with what was going on. I almost didn't believe it was real. So much empathy, so much ecstasy, so much freedom and peace. I can't explain it. After some time of being completely captivated by everything around me, I eventually realized that I was lost and didn't know how to get back home. This worried me a great deal. I started skating really fast, back the other way. I felt like I needed to get home immediately. I felt like I had put myself in a very dangerous situation. Cars passed by, people passed by, cops passed by and I thought, "If I don't get home quick I'm going to be fucked." I panicked the entire trip back. Finally, I arrived safely back at my apartment. 

I went inside, stripped off all my clothes and immediately took a shower in the dark. The visuals in the shower were beyond my imagination. I was engulfed by a whirlwind of geometric patterns and was showered with divine sensations of love and respect. I felt so comfortable in the warmth and the blackness. After a bit, I flipped on the lights, got out and went to my bedroom.


Inside the trip lair I felt at peace and at home. I laid down on my bed and I began listening to two mind-blowing albums: TesseracT- ONE and Gojira- L'Enfant Sauvage Special Edition.

I cannot began to describe the emotional roller coaster I went through while listening to these albums, I felt intense feelings of love, joy, hate, sorrow, peace, anger, fear and hope. With eyes closed, I imploded into myself and began reviewing my "Akashic records". I relived all the major moments in my entire life from the moment I was born to the present day, in extreme clarity. It was as if I was really there again. I remember literally feeling myself in my 8 year old body again (the year my mom died in a car accident) it was vivid, personal, haunting, and simply unbelievable. 

As I was traveling through the sea of memories, I came to the thought of my ex-girlfriend (someone I still consider as the love of my life). I relived all the special moments with her again, and I began to see her as the most beautiful creature in the entire cosmos. She was so angelic, so sweet, so full of light (I am nearly about to cry as I type this), it was completely beyond any feeling of love I have ever felt in my entire conscious existence. 

I had to communicate with her at that moment. I couldn't handle not speaking to her. I had to call her and see how she was doing, especially because I knew she was in the hospital after having a biopsy. So I picked up my phone and gave her a call. We talked for two hours and finally decided that we would start hanging out again.  This was great news to me and my love for her reached a new level at that moment. 

After getting off of the phone with her, I could not stop laughing and smiling and feeling giddy. I was SO HAPPY. By this time, the 2C-C-NBOMe began to start wearing off and I decided to smoke some more weed. After smoking, I laid down, closed my eyes and fell asleep. 


I slept for six hours. It was one of the most peaceful sleeps I have ever had. Then, I woke up about two hours ago and I decided to type this short report because I STILL feel amazing and I CAN'T WAIT to see what the future holds! Life is incredible! Life is a miracle! I had to share this experience in hopes that it would touch someone else too!

Give 2C-C-NBOMe a try if you can find it. I found it to be elegant and beautiful. Very similar to LSD (although not as "majestic" feeling, if you know what I mean). 

Cheers to the psychedelic experience! 

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