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b. caapi and acacia confusa stem bark

stem bark is just as potent. healing visions and a 5-d demon released from me

As someone who's tried all of the most common ayahuasca admixtures and a veteran of the major psychedelics, a "new" plant on the scene spiked my curiousity.   

As the DEA seizes imports of mimosa hostillis, I was left with the choice of questionable quality chacruna or chalipona as a DMT-source for my ayahuasca.  

I was enchanted by this idea of a Southeast Asian plant with possible historical use and a (rumored) really high DMT content.

The vendor I ordered from told me that the inner stem bark is almost just as potent as the root bark. (it really is)  I ordered 28g sustainably-harvested Taiwanese bark and 114g yellow banisteriopsis caapi.

My first observation is that confusa is extremely similar to mimosa hostilis in appearance and smell.  (smells like crystal DMT or corn tortillas).   I knew this was going to be a potent brew.

I brewed the 2 plants in separate pots, adding a small squirt of fresh lemon juice.  In the caapi brew, I added 1tsp guyasa tea.  It's from the Amazon and I've read that it's used as an admixture in ayahuasca.  The caffeine apparently helps with the long healing sessions.   Later on I would find that it also provided the brew with a sweet quality (sweet tasting mud-like cough syrup instead of plain bitter mud)

3 washes of 3hrs each and I boiled both brews down to 2 8oz cups.  I ate a mostly vegetarian & fish diet for the week prior and ate a light lunch that afternoon.   I spent solemn time watching the sunset and meditating.  I declared my intent for the journey.  No more asking favors of the brew, I stated that I will give up my attachments and desires and make my heart beat for the rest of humanity.  I could feel the energy from this day already begin it's slow culmination.   (2 days prior the Earth was bombarded by strong CMEs from the sun so it was a highly-charged atmosphere).

I'd smoked cannabis the night before and experienced a strong vision (endogenous Dmt secretion really) which showed me how to prepare for the journey and potential consequences.  Basically it told me not to shock my nervous system and take it in slow waves. I didn't want to inflict this residual shockwave on other people's psyches.

Down the hatch at 7:30pm right after sunset.  I drank 2/3 of the caapi and about 1/4 of the confusa to be safe.  Confusa is as bitter and muddy tasting as mimosa.  In the future I will decant in the fridge for a few days before attempting to drink it.

I should note that I consumed the caapi about 20 minutes before the confusa.  I waited to feel the onset of the beta carbolines to make sure it was working.

I had incense burning and new age ambient music playing in a candlelit bedroom with my 2 cats.   I reclined on some pillows on the bed and felt the brew working its way through all of my organs, slithering through like a benevolent doctor.  I could feel heightened awareness in my extremities and my chakras opened up more as it soaked into my body.

My initial impression of A. Confusa is that it's a long-lost cousin of mimosa hostilis.  Separated back by eons from the continental splitting of Pangea.  It had that feeling anyway.  That of a tropical teacher just as exotic as those of Brazil.  Furthermore it worked well with the caapi.  It wasn't as divine and nurturing an experience as Chacruna would be.  But this is the nature of the high-dmt admixture plants.

My ego slowly dissolved into the universe.  I had a vision of "the god particle" if that could be a good description.  Essentially the god force within all matter and inside of me.  I intuited how I could use it for transformation of the Earth.  After awhile I began to experience great sadness.  I repeated the phrase to myself "grieving is a necessary part of death".   I knew that my ego was dying and there was lots to let go of.  

My metaphor of the overall experience was that of molting.  I'd basically shed old dead skin of my ego and became a fresh new person.

I should note now that I projectile vomited profusely about 10 min after finishing the confusa.

I didn't "break through" to elf space, or colored orbs.  I think I may have become one with that space rather than viewed them as distinct entities.   I knew that I was all.  The visions of grey aliens from past journeys were revealed to be illusory projections by the confusa.  Projects of my future self as a divine being.

I experienced a euphoric comedown around 10:30pm.  I sat with my cats for awhile, mostly in fetal position still having all sorts of sexually-themed visions of healing motherly compassion.  I focused consciousness on my irregularly-beating heart and managed to get it going regular again.  This has been an ongoing situation in my life.  The medicine got it going smooth again but I know that the real healing comes in lifestyle change.

I debated long and hard whether to drink the rest or save it.  I felt too exhausted to go on, but that part of my psyche that wants more gave in.  I drank the rest of the caapi and only got another swig or so of confusa.  (~2fluid oz/ 7g bark).

I began another chaotic descent (ascent?) into dmt space.  It was darker this time.  A female dark spirit became present in my consciousness.  It felt like all the greed, self loathing and desire I've had.  I heard it say "oh so you want the rest of the brew now? Well it's gonna stay down there".  So it writed and burned in my guts for awhile.  It was uncomfortable but I still felt like it was medicinal for me.  It manifested as a 5-dimensional snake slithering in my intestines.  It didn't cause me to poop but gave me some gas.  I say 5-d because it transcended the present moment in 3d space but was an all-encompassing aspect of my behavioral programming  which I carried for all of existence.  Anyhow, finally it decided to exit my body.  So I projectile puked some more.  It felt great.

I was exhausted at this point.  I was still having sexual visions and recollections of my past human interactions.  I came to peace and absolution for my shortcomings in life.  It was starting to look like a brighter, fresher tomorrow with a clean head and freshly upgraded /rebooted/ housecleaned psyche.

Physically exhausted, I passed out around 1a.m. and slept 8hrs.

I feel fantastic today.

There's still about 1/2 of the confusa brew sitting in my fridge.  Perhaps I'll freeze it for another time or test the active qualities by itself with no caapi. (this is rumored)

The wise old Confuscius tree, the "rainbow tree", the thinking of eachother tree.  A formidable plant healing candidate.  

We'll see how long it slips the DEA.  It's an invasive tree in Hawaii afterall.  I'm glad I had the experience.

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