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A long night...

My name is Phillip, and I am currently a 11th grader at a small private school in Texas.

My name is Phillip, and I am currently a 11th grader at a small private school in Texas. A group of people at my school decided it would be fun to let loose after a stressful day and try shrooming for our first time. We all retreated to my friend's house, where we threw a decent size party of about 30 people.
It was 630pm, and of the thirty people there, I handed out bags of only 2 grams to a few of my friends. It was about 8pm and more and more people arrived. Everyone there had gotten shitfaced by 9pm. People were vomiting, others were careless jumping into the freezing pool, and others remained to drink. The party was getting out of hand, and still none of the people shrooming had felt the affects.
At our private school, we have been known to use large quantities of weed. At least 75% of my friends at this party were incredibly high. The party had gotten more mellow, yet more and more people arrived. The party was filled with wandering dazed teenagers with blank faces and bloodshot eyes.
Rivaling schools even dropped by to pay a visit, one of my friends from England, began to punch every person from out of our school as they walked in. A commotion in this upscale neighborhood was apparent and police had arrived outside. Teenagers began to leave as the flashing red, blue and white lights flickered from the front of the house.
The party had died down, and only 15 people remained (I think because we ran out of alcohol), but it was my time to try the shrooms. My friend, I am going to call A, and I shoveled down the terrible tasting mushrooms. She and I were new to this, and chased our shrooms with shots.
I still had not felt the affects and my friend A and I decided to smoke even more. I was high yet bitter that I spent so much money on something that did not even work. A yelled at me, and I apologized. It had been 1 hr since I ate them and still no reaction. I had eaten a little over 2 ½ grams and was still bitter. I went into my friend's pool house where the remaining people were dancing, some on top of the pool table.
A and I went upstairs to help a friend, and then it hit her first. She was unable to walk down the stairs from a three story house (had to be three of course…. filled with an endless amount of stairs for her to crawl down). I helped her down, while her mom repeatedly called her cell phone asking where she was. I walked her as if she was an old lady to her car (big mistake), and she drove off.
I went back inside and everyone was getting tired, it was only 1am, yet everyone had been drinking and smoking since 7pm. I walked inside, and then it hit me. I never expected it; I did not even understand it. I ran into the kitchen where everyone who had smoked was furiously munching on everything in the pantry.
From what I was told, I had an incredible smile on my face was sliding across the wooden floor of the kitchen. From this point on, the night became a blur. We retreated up to my friend’s room on the 3rd floor, where everyone got ready for sleep. I on the other hand was not yet ready. I was supposedly wearing oven mitts that I snagged from the kitchen, and was prancing across the room annoying everyone. Eventually I was kicked out of the upstairs.
I went back down to the pool house, which was filled with passed out victims of what had been a decent party. I desperately searched for someone to chill with. There was no one.
I had turned on the hot tub hours early, and I had nothing else to do. I sat inside the hot tub, relaxing. I opened my eyelids to see what seemed like millions of potato chips in the pool (leaves) I didn’t understand why there were so many potato chips. There were millions. Suddenly, a large noise screamed from a bush with a “whoop” sound. A loud high pitched whoop continuously screamed every two minutes, while a dog growling behind my back constantly scared me. I called for my friends to come down, but none of them thought it was an emergency. I guess they figured I was crying wolf. I was so relaxed that I could not leave. My legs felt numb and I felt numb as a whole. I could not get out of the hot tub, yet the noises kept penetrating my ears. I pulled myself out of the hot tub with only my arms, and suddenly, my legs were not paralyzed. I took off my underwear which I was swimming in, and ran tot he front of his house where I had parked my car, yes I was naked. I ran in the freezing cold, butt ass naked, and opened my car door. I ran back to the pool house where I was reassured, yes the WHOOP sound was back! I jumped at least 3 ft in the air. I quickly changed and ran up the stairs where my friend, A, had struggled before. I as well struggled, the rod iron staircase quickly blended together and I got confused with which way to climb. I reached upstairs and then the night was over.
I woke up in the pool house, I do not know how, but my friends waked me. They were worried to find out that had shroomed the night before. I clearly was not prepared to use these, and as I told what I could remember from the night, I was regretfully aware that shrooms were not for me.
In the end, it was a fun experience filled with a lot of hallucinations, but I will stick to marijuana.

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