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A great time

My friend (who has never tripped before) came over to my house and we were both going to split ~6-7g of dried pan subbs.

My friend (who has never tripped before) came over to my house and we were both going to split ~6-7g of dried pan subbs. This gave us each about 3-3.5g, which is a decently low dose for pan subbs. We both went into it with pretty normal mindsets and were at my house, which was a place we both knew very well. We each ate our mushrooms in a tortilla, due to lack of better methods available at the time, at about 11pm. He is an 18 year old male, and Im a 19 year old male, both weighing in the 120-140 range.

So, after we finishing eating our shroom tacos, we just kinda talked for a second, and decided to go upstairs and watch some TV to pass the time while we wait for it to start to kick in. I showed him some music videos we had on demand, and finally after about 20 minutes had passed since we ate, I turned off the TV. I myself finished my taco about 5-10mins before he did, so I got everything just a bit before him. I turned it off because I could feel a slight lightness and euphoria coming on. He said he hadnt noticed much yet, except that the reflection of the TV on the glass earlier had been catching his eye. Within the next 10 minutes or so, I felt the lightness and euphoria come on stronger, with only a mild cramp in my stomach that was very short lived. Now he had begun to feel it as well.

About 45mins after we had eaten them, they were being felt a nice amount. We both walked into the kitchen, and he used the restroom. While he was in there, I was staring at the wall, with a wallpaper pattern on it. I noticed it started to breathe, and then it would have a ripple go through it as if it were liquid and a drop had sent ripples out. He came out, and I was just standing there staring at the wall, with this gigantic grin on my face. He hadn't quite gotten to the same point I was yet, so when I was like "Dude, just stare..at the...wall" he was just too busy laughing.

We both walked around some, amazed at the feeling of lightness. It almost felt in somewhat slow motion. We moved our arms around in the air, just amazed at the feeling we had. Now, about an hour after eating, we headed out to the backyard. By this point we were both just barely even whispering and hearing eachother as clear as day. We would listen to the world around us just living. A breeze would go through the trees, and the water from an earlier storm would drip off it, creating an amazing sound. We walked around some, and then I looked down at my hand. I had a strange sensation. Looking at my own hand, it somehow did not feel as if it were mine. I knew very well that it was my hand, but for some reason it felt like it wasn't. About 10 minutes later, my friend had a similar experience. In the front yard, there was a bright streetlight that caught our attention and almost drew us in. It was hard not to stare at it. The sound of water dripping down into the sewers was amazing, and just once again listening to the tiny sounds of life was great.

We headed back inside finally, both of us getting towards the peaking time. We headed downstairs to the computer, where we decided to play some chillout music. The music was just awesome. Staring at the lights on the ceiling, or just the wall, things would move slightly, and breathe, and ripple. All during this whole thing was just a great euphoric feeling. Everything was great. At this point in time, my old cellphone was sitting on the table in front of us. This bugged my friend for some reason, and we decided that we should throw it away with dignity (whatever that means). So after being distracted much, we finally made our way upstairs to the trash can, and just threw it away. We later took it back out, since we decided it wasnt a great idea. We could clearly still hear the music from the area where we threw the phone away.

Then after listening to some music some more, we finally managed to get ourselves away from the music to head back outside again. We inspected some mushrooms growing in my yard (they were coprinus, inky caps), and felt the grass with our hands. It felt amazing. Also, my friend was standing on the porch area, and decided to jump over the small bush that was near it to the lawn. He said he could feel each of his muscles working in unison, and he calculated just right where to land. While we were still out there and having a great time, we saw some lightning in the distance, which was somewhat cool, but too far away to be awesome :(. My friend started spinning around in the grass really fast making himself dizzy. I laughed a lot at this, and tried it for myself. After I was done spinning I spent a good amount of time walking around in a dizzy / tripping stupor of sorts haha.

We headed back inside, and grabbed a tiny snack to eat, and went back down to the music. Here we spent the rest of the time coming down off our trip, staring at the ceiling and mainly just thinking.

Overall, the experience was awesome, and next time I hope to have a bit of a stronger trip. Too bad I didnt decide to get any of it on video :P.

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