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Hands down, hardest I've tripped

2.5 doses liquid 2c-i done nasally

Hello everyone, I created my account here just to post this. I've never really been compelled to share any of my experiences except with close friends who also do psychedelics but this was so intense I feel as if I have to share.  I've done shrooms a few times and I really enjoyed them, I do however prefer 2c-i as I can get it for $15 a hit and a hit will usually hit me pretty hard versus $20 for a half 8th or $40 for an 8th.  Shrooms have helped me spiritually but this weekend I was just looking for some recreational drug use fun. I submitted this to Erowid and I also figured you guys might be interested in reading my report from last Friday.

Background: My friend M usually gets his 2c-i on blotters but had recently switched over to liquid, which he would administer nasally via a syringe. About a week before this trip me and my friend "C" decided to finally give it a try since neither of us had tripped in a good while, (3 months for me). I had done 2c-i maybe 20 times before this but only in blotter form. Well needless to say neither of us tripped... at all. M said he would give us both a freebie because of this. A few days later I decided to give it another shot. This time once again... no success. Just slight euphoria and alertness. So M's older brother also was into 2c-i and M asked him why it wasn't working and come to find out this dose was less potent than the usual and he had only given us a half dose. M decided he was going to give it a try since it had not worked for me and C and asked me to trip with him.
 Setting: M's girlfriend's house. We'll call her S. I have been here a total of maybe 10 times and felt pretty comfortable in this environment.
 Time: around 12:00 am when we decided to dose up. Here we go.
 Me, M, and S were sitting around in S's room as bored as can be. S decided to put on the movie "The Lorax". I told M "Let's dose up bro." So I laid back on the bed and he dropped 1 dose into my nose. Then S did the same for him. After about 5 minutes M had a huge grin on his face and said he was starting to trip. I could not say the same about me... nothing was happening. After about 25 minutes of watching the Lorax and not tripping at all I decided to buy another hit and a half from M. Once again I laidd back and this time S dropped it into my nose. This was also the time that C arrived at S's house. Note: C is my best friend and has done very many drugs with me and we've been through alot together. If anyone can calm me down it is him. I laid there for maybe 3 minutes to let it soak in. I sat up and started watching the Lorax again and then it hit me... S's walls are covered in people's signatures and quotes, etc... I looked around and everything was pulsing and the fonts of the writing would go from very bold to extremely blurry and impossible to read. I then focused my attention on the Lorax. This was the most intense come up I have ever had and it had only been maybe 5 minutes since I took the 2nd dose before I started peaking.  Soon what I was seeing on the tv started to melt onto the wall behind the tv and the other walls started to swirl just like the black and white vortex's that are supposed to hypnotize people or whatever. I closed my eyes to calm myself down because it was beginning to get a little to intense. The volume of the tv was loud as fuck!!! When I closed my eyes all I could see was a vivid black and white checkerboard pattern with strange hieroglyphic looking symbols inside each of the squares.  I opened my eyes and I felt as if I was in the Lorax. I was hypnotized by the tv and could not take my eyes off of it. Luckily M was starting to trip out too and he suggested we all go outside to smoke cigarettes. (except for me, I don't smoke).
  We opened S's door to the hallway and it was pitch black. It's about a 15 foot walk from her room to the front door but it took me about 30 seconds to reach the front door. Pretty much because I felt as if I was in space. Pitch black with small bright white lights I hallucinated looked like stars. Finally I opened the door, and WOW I was blown away. I looked up at the sky and it appeared as if a meteor shower was occurring. white and red tracers were flying around everywhere in the sky. I sat down on the porch and was simply mesmerized by the beauty I was seeing. The trees and grass were waving back and forth as if there were very strong winds. C, M, and S were carrying on conversation but I didn't participate. I felt as if I was in my own bubble. At one point M tried to get me to talk by saying my full name and "is the most antisocial person in the world." I didn't even notice this at the time but after the trip was over I realized what he had said and called him a dick.
 We continued to sit on S's front porch and soon M says "holy shit do you see those deer?" Apparently there was a pack of deer that tend to sleep in the yard across from S's house. I looked for them but there was so much activity going on (tracers flying through my field of vision, etc) that I couldn't see them. C asked me "Do you see those deer?" to which I replied "No." He then said "how do you not see them?" and so I didn't sound like a dumbass I replied "Oh now I see them haha." Next thing I know, my tracers turn into deer... probably about 40 or 50 of them. M said "are they coming closer" and then the deer I was seeing started to walk up into S's front yard. I was starting to panic a little and soon convinced myself that there was some kind of deer invasion taking place. (How dumb am I?) A suv drove by about 15 seconds after that and M said "how crazy would it be if he hit 1 of the deer". This sentence put the idea of hitting stuff into my head and I soon began to question myself, thinking "should I start hitting shit?" But luckily I was still sane enough to realize this probably wasn't a good idea. Thankfully.
At this point it had gone from being very nice and comfortable outside to being unbearably cold (because of the 2c). So we went back to S's room. I honestly don't remember what occurred at this time. I believe I just sat on her bed and looked at shit while the other 3 carried on conversations. M was very antsy and wanted to go for a walk or do something to expel energy, I was tripping to the point where I didn't even want to move. I had to pee, but doing so would require me to walk to the bathroom and that seemed very hard for me, and every time I'd think about peeing I would forget about it within 10 seconds and begin to think about something else. M was all over the place and we finally all agreed to go to Cookout. I became confused though as M and S tried to get me off the bed. "We're going to Cookout" they would say and I would reply "yeah" or "okay" and then trail off in thoughts and continue to sit there. Finally someone grabbed my hand and helped me off the bed and we left.
The car ride there was amazing. I was having auditory hallucinations that S's car was making the same noise as the vehicles in the Lorax. S was sober and our designated driver. M was blasting the song "Smokin Drinkin" by Wiz Khalifa and this started to make me ponder my life. I had recently been charged with Possession of Marijuana and all I could think about now was police and the lyrics "I been high all weekend" really got to me as I started to think about my family. I forget the next song that was played but it also put me in a weird train of thought. I wish I could recall it (damn xanax!) We finally arrived at Cookout and we went through the drive through and all that was ordered was a small hushpuppy. Who the fuck can eat on acid? The thought of food entering my mouth disgusted me. The whole ride back I continued to have very weird thoughts. My visuals were declining but it seemed as if they were replaced by deep and heavy thoughts. Finally we got back to S's house and once again they had to help me get up haha. I feel like a jackass now but at the time I had the attention span of a cat and while I understood what they were saying, it's as if my brain didn't process it. Finally I arose and we went back to S's room.
Once again I remember very little about what happened except for a few key things. I remember having staring contests with C. I would look over at him and we'd make eye contact and then I'd just stare him down. He'd turn his head away and I'd say something along the lines of "yeah nigga." For some odd reason I began to convince myself that we were actually in my sister's room. I think it's because S's carpet has lots of stains on it and my sisters used to as well. I soon began to look around me at my surroundings and I felt very dirty and filthy. I had the urge to shave all the hair off of my body and take a long shower. Luckily I didn't have the motivation to do so, although a shower woulda been nice. I also remember looking at C's watch which was white with gold mechanisms/ gears and it looked awesome so I'd say "yeah dawg." That was my way of communicating to him that his watch looked cool haha. I would then look over at S and her facial piercings were really shiny and cool looking so I'd say "yeah" to her too. M began to think I was going skitzo because of this. His other brother used to be heavy into psychedelics and a peyote trip caused him to become skitzo.
Now M was trying to get me to stop tripping by trying to get me to take a xanax bar.He tried telling me to take it to which my reply was "nah." I probably would of complied with this but he was sketching me the hell out. I remember thinking to myself "Why the hell does he want me to eat this so bad?" He even tried crushing up some xanny and putting it in a water bottle thinking I wouldn't notice and told me to drink. Once again my reply was "nah." I remember thinking to myself "I'm not drinking this water there's something in it, eww."  He then said "open up" and I closed my lips and teeth as tightly as they would shut. This made S and C crack up. M gave up and C took over. He was alot more successful. He simply said "J, xanax good. Do it." to which I replied "should I?" and he replied "yes, xanax good." So M crushed up the xanny and I snorted it down. It was now about 4 in the morning and the plan was to crash at my house. The xanax really brought my trip to a halt, returned me to an almost normal state of mind, and got me talking again. So we headed over to my home.
Not much really happened at this time except for C recklessly driving around a neighborhood and the surrounding area and me flipping off homes and yelling cuss words. (I blame the xanax). M was lounging in the back seat and looked comfortable as can be in my big rasta colored drug rug jacket. We then went to my room and played some music which sounded amazing; this is off topic but music is simply beautiful and amazing on this drug, my favorite part about it. M had placed his syringe and half a bar on the table in my room, which I picked up to put somewhere out of plain sight incase my mom happened to walk in. I have not seen either of these objects since then and I have looked everywhere in my room! That shit disappeared. (Once again, I blame the xanax).
 It was now about 6 in the morning. M told me and C to wake him up at 7:30 because he had shit to do. Well me and C temporarily woke M but he said some gibberish and fell back asleep. C decided to leave and I temporarily woke up M again. This time he said "Wake me up at 3." I figured he decided to blow off whatever plans he had so I said ok and laid down on the couch in my room and drifted asleep. I woke up around 1:30 pm and felt as if I hadn't gone to sleep at all. M woke up around that time too and started to freak out because he overslept. He quickly left my house.
This left me alone, still feeling good from the 2c/ xanax combination amazingly. For some reason I had the overwhelming urge to smoke weed, so I said "ehhh why not" and went into the storage room attached to my bedroom and found a few roaches in my ashtray. I smoked them out of my homemade bong and felt very good after that. I then decided to clean my room, search for the xanax and syringe and listen to some dubstep while doing so. I put on my surround sound Sennheiser headphones and listened to "Cinema" by Skrillex. Listening to this was giving me the urge to want to trip again. I looked around my room and began to notice I was seeing little visuals, nothing like before. Just things waving a little and colors changing ever so slightly. Most notably I looked at my "Imagination" poster which is basically a very colorful poster of a nebula and noticed that there was a human skull and 2 human bodies hidden in the shapes of the color in the poster that I had never noticed before. I can still see them today so I know I wasn't just hallucinating that. I felt good for quite some time after that and fell asleep at 2 in the morning that night.

    I don't regret doing so much 2c-i, while the people I was with thought I was losing it, in my mind I was actually very calm and at peace except for a few moments. I'll most likely do it again in a few weeks, but only 2 hits instead of 2.5 and at my house, where I am most comfortable.

Feel free to leave feedback or questions, I'd be more than happy to receive some or answer any questions.

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