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Hey bro, are you OF me?!

Deep tripping, loss of self, patterns

Ok, the day started with me and my best amigo going to his sisters house to pick up $50 worth of some homemade/ hydroponic mushrooms. I'm not too familiar with the prices of shrooms but we definitely got hooked up. I gave his sister $43 bucks and we got somewhere around a half an oz.- with one stem+cap weighing 10 grams alone. Of course I took that one for myself and gave my buddy the other 5 or 6 grams-maybe more. Description of the shroom: the 10 gram shroom was a dull/ off white color on the exterior with a brownish cap?, and the interior was a blueish color I wanna say. Anyway, the people around us who had tripped on these particular ones said they will HIT YOU HARD, so take maybe 2 grams and gradually work your way up the trip ladder as the night goes on... OK, I started off with maybe a 1/4 of the 10 grams. If that. His sister told me it takes about an hour to start kicking in. Well that didn't happen, so after an hour passed I dropped about half of what I had left. This is when I started to feel the body high.

T-1:15 mins
I start to feel a tingly/ tickling sensation going up my legs and into my my scrotum region. This lasts for about another hour or so before I experience any other side-effects.

T- 1:45 mins
We are just about at my buddy's house and whilst sitting in his truck I began to see a slight change from what lights usually appear; I'd say they were just more "intense" looking. If that makes sense. And the music seemed a little more "alive".

We arrive at my friends house and I will say that I really expected when I got out and stood up, I would just starts tripping balls (due to my XTC experiences) but no luck. Still just got the tickling sensation in my lower body.

As soon as I started to doubt the strength and potency of this magic plant, while lying on my friends bed, it hit us both. We began laughing uncontrollably about one of eminem's lyrics where he says something like "they belong in my scrotum, you'll never get hold of 'em".. We thought that was the funniest shit ever and laughed for 10 minutes straight. After we calm down from that, we lie back down and the visuals start to take affect. The ceiling was definitely moving in waves. He has a woman manueqin(sp?) dressed in a black dress and she started to move in circles (kinda like how micheal Jackson stands in 1 spot and leans on his feet front, back, side, etc.) and it was pretty trippy.

We migrate to the "chill room" with posters of Marley and stuff like that and right beneath us in the garage his step-dad is with his band covering blues songs (which they do every weekend) and it sounded so sweet because they were playing some of my favorites i.e. Ain't No Sunshine, Turn The Page, etc. We shut off the lights, closed our eyes and could see the bass guitar making awesome patterns of waves in our minds. At some point, between songs I could hear them talking in the garage below and my buddy was smoking a cig during their conversation. I watched the smoke come from the end of the cig and I promise you that the conversation they were having "came off the end of the smoke from the Cig". LOL that's the best way I can put it. We laughed pretty hard when I told him that. We turned on a small light and out of nowhere we both start to make the words out of the vibrations/ waves we were witnessing on the posters, walls and furniture pieces. I vividly remember us saying things like "zizzis n shit, fizziz zi zi, fences n shit, dizziz n shit, etc. Pretty much whatever sounded like what we were witnessing lol.

We migrate downstairs and outside after the band wrapped up (we were paranoid about them seeing us, hence we waited to experience the beautiful, clear night sky). MAN was that sky AMAZING. Mind you, my friend lives about 45 minutes outside the city, so bright lights are irrelevant. There were plenty of stars in the sky, but the crazy thing was when I saw 1 star it turned into 20 stars- so the sky was full of what appeared to be diamonds. At one point we saw a plane and definitely thought it was a UFO because again 1 light looked like 20, so we tripped out and ran back up into his "chill room" upstairs. 

This is where it gets mentally deep and somewhat disturbing. I lay down on a bed and my friend on a couch a few feet away. My darkest secrets and fears began to surface in my mind along with triangular shapes with dull but bright colors morphing in and out of themselves.--my eyes were closed at this point-- My friend keeps asking me if I'm ok and I don't even respond with words, just "mmhmm's" because I was so frightened of what my voice sounded like. I was also afraid to look at him because I believed he could see my thoughts( which I know he could from a previous LsD trip). At moments during these deep thoughts I would get out of the "bad part" and think of funny shit and we would both start laughing really hard for 5 minutes or so, never mentioning what was being laughed at; but we both knew. I was hoping the laughter lasted longer because I dreaded the "bad thought" part of the trip.. So a few minutes after the laughing spell, the bad thoughts" came back. I closed my eyes and I saw demons throwing up what I knew was EVERY BAD ASPECT OF MY LIFE i.e. dishonesty, doubt, regret, unhealthy addictions, anger, unhappiness, depression and just every evil I have within me; even though I'm a pretty good spirited guy, I do have things to work on. After those demons finished "throwing up" I began to think thoughts of  genuine, pure love and clarity. Mind you my friend was quiet this entire time, besides a few laughs, a few "are you okay bros", etc.. I thought about everyone in my life and what they mean to me and everything they do for me out of love. I thought to myself "I figured IT out". This is my revelation, I thought. Somehow EVERYONE I know became me and/ or a part of me. That's when I broke the silence and said to my friend, "thank you man" and he simply replied "you're welcome" as if he knew what I was talking about and I'm almost positive he did. I was thanking him for always being there for me through all the rough times and the good times. I then went on to ask him, "Are you of ME?.. If that makes sense to you" and he said" it makes perfect sense man and I do think I am a part of you. THAT, blew my mind and I could finally lay it down and think about good times and witness the last few visuals in behind my eyelids. I had a hard tiem getting to sleep so he gave me a 100mg trazadone (non-narcotic) and a 1/4 of a xanax bar (0.5mg)... 20 minutes later I was sound asleep dreaming about me and my buddy having sex with a stripper we brought home lol

Conclusion/ answers-
Out of the 3 psychadelic trips I've had, this being the 3rd, this one was the most enlightening and life changing. I now know what REAL LOVE is. I know realize that everybody is ONE. Everybody meaning every living thing and even the things we can't see in this dimension. I now know what I want to do with my life. or "our life". WE are all God. not the religious, bible, torah, quran god; rather the SPIRITUAL god. Peace and Love to you all. Please comment if you will if you've had similar experiences and even if you haven't. Thanks :)

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