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5 seeds, munched whole

yesterday i tried HBWR for the first time.

i've tripped and stoned on many other substances previously, so i'm somewhat experienced.

just want to share the info as before tripping i read much about different types of extraction methods. due to time and friend situations, yesterday my buddy and i just decided to chew the seeds up pretty good and wash them down with 2-3 ounces of red wine.

the dose was active, but produced no visuals (pretty much expected at that size).
both my friend and i experienced nausea, though he seemed a bit more distressed about it. neither of us puked, but i'm sure we both could've had we really wanted to.
after about an hour and a half we smoked a small bowl to alleviate the nausea, which worked perfectly (my first time using marijuana for its wonderful abilities as such).

basically the experience was a really moderate stoning. i liked it a lot. my buddy says he wouldn't do it that way again, but i would, though i'm definitely going to use some extraction methods next time.. PLANNING! ha ha.

so, we were kicking it in the house, talking with the roommates, joking around, listening to music and strumming guitars; a couple of games of Halo 4 took place as well. after falling into an internet hole related to Poetry and social media (twitter), i realized i NEEDED to unplug. for the sake of sanity. i hadn't had this very strong urge to unplug in a while. i completely turned my phone off with the plan to leave it off all night, which i did, and it was LOVELY!

the rest is sort of personal, but basically i walked all around the town, talked with some people in some bars (i didn't feel like drinking - felt very content and peaceful to wander and look and be "disconnected"). spent about 4-6 hours "tripping" - but again, it was just pretty mellow. i liked it. very refreshing and empowering.

the nausea thing: i think it's important to decide to allow the nausea and roll with it. it was a little intense/heady on occasion, but the movement and curiosity treated it very well. i felt really good just following my intuition, and zero stress in relating to others - again, peaceful and mellow.

i just wanted to post this up so people can consider.

i'd eaten a moderate amount of food, and i'm 6' tall, about 150lbs.

all good!

i'll report back on future trips.

in_joy, friends!

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