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Voices in my head, mother sitting next to me

Both a happy and scary trip, MDMA Weed style.

Alright so the evening starts off with me buying a capsule of MDMA of a friend of mine. About 160-170mg of really pure MDMA. 
 My plan at this point is me chillin' with some good music, maybe a bath while I enjoy the Ecstasy. Although as the evening ticked past 7, that's when another mate texts me explaining how he's really bored. Him having a rebirth trip only a couple days ago, so he was very sociable. I say fine, come on over and we can hang out.

 I drop the E upon his arrival and offer him some weed for him to have fun aswell. We step outside for the smoke before the E starts kicking in, but it's close by. The chills from the early Swedish spring evening leaves my body in a perfect "AHHHHHH" state. I slowly breathe in and out as I think to myself "Life's not too bad after all". Me and the mate sit under the clear sky as both of us start getting more and more "sedated". 
 Now just to clear up, the weed I had wasn't to shabby, so my friend ends up being really stoned.

 We walk back inside and turn on some good music (The Who or Led Zeppelin if I remember correctly). I lay down in my bed and moan as I snuggle myself for an eternity. This sort of behavior goes on for about and hour while we sit chillin', talking and generally having a good time. I interupt the peace when a thought of water pops up. The bathroom is only seconds away and quickly wash my arm in the shower. The sort of orgasmic feel all over my skin tells me I should stop before I insist on taking a shower. 

 By this time my mother walks through the door saying hello to both me and my friend. I tell her we will shortly be out of her way, since her boyfriend from Spain was arriving shortly. She insists that it's not a problem, and that we can stay for aslong as we want.
 We stay for a bit and say our goodbyes. We begin the 40 minute walk to downtown but I quickly tell him we can get a lift by my mom. Normally I would never encourage contact with parents when I'm high, but I've had extreme cramps in my calves all week. And walking for 10 minutes sets them into massive painville, making me actually stop to "regroup". 
 The whole ride downtown I talk and talk to my mother. One of the benefits of E, is that you can feel like an ord of healing light while still being perfectly aware of your surroundings, being able to talk normally to anyone. Although it is possible to become too friendly, but most people think you're just being social. 

 Upon arriving downtown we quickly run into 2 people I know. We see eachother from accross the street and have a quick chat. I quickly see the looks in their eyes thinking "wow, what's he on? Have you seen his eyes". This isin't some paranoia thing with E, but I could actually hear and see them understanding that something wasn't quite right. 
 I say see you around and have look at myself in my mobile (front camera). I see my eyes totally fucked up. The ice blue coloring is an asstonishingly thin line while the rest of my pupil cover my entire eye. So it was a big black drug driven hole surrounded by clear white eyes, aswell as my eyes being wide open.

 We walk into Mc Donalds on a busy friday night. People are snapping their looks on me when I make eye contact, and I hear someone saying to their friend "You see that guy with the curls?". I'm filled with the MDMA feel of "I don't give a fuck, I want people to notice my high". My friend orders some munchies and I a big soda and a refill for my water bottle, the womans reminded me once again how I was feeling. Although the effects were starting to slightly wear off, I couldn't feel the common urge for more, and no jaw tension.

 Me and my friend are about to call it a night but decide to smoke some more weed as a goodbye. I tell him I'll part take as the effects were starting to wear off. 
 So we smoke the fatty but I don't really feel much, this was quickly about to change though. We say our goodbyes and I notice that I missed my bus home, and waiting 45 minutes seemed to long. I take my chances and call my mother to pick me up. As I am making the call I feel fine, and think that this won't be a problem, boy was I wrong. 
 I meet an old class mate (real scum of the earth bastard) while waiting for my ride. He talks as if people like him, but there doesn't go 10 minutes where this guy isn't lying, and I generally want nothing to do with him.
 As I talk to him I feel how the trip is kicking in more and more, and I'm starting to get worried. Everything is getting this sort of "blocky" look and my vision focuses on small things, while the rest of my eyesight is blurry. 

 My ride finally shows and I get in, and at this point I am praying that I don't fuck it up. My mothers voice sounds so strange in my ears. And everything she says make me more and more terrified. I let her handle most of the talking as I respond as calmly as I can. I do this for a minute or so, so that she wouldn't suspect anything. I tell her I had a headache and I would just like to listen to some music. 
I put on my earbuds and put on Pink Floyd- Animals, although the music was fantastic, I couldn't enjoy it because of the fears in my head. At this point, about half way home. The visions and thoughts were trippy as fuck. At the corner of my left eye (where my mother is sitting) I see her body sort of glow and make this skeleton-ish pattern. The glow also had these lines of light coming behind it sort of like a comic book punch (hope that makes sense). The rest of my vision was filled with LSD-ish patterns, but more blocky. Every 10 seconds or so I would hallucinate my mom talking and turning to me. It got a hold of me so much that I had to turn my head and close my eyes to come to better thoughts.

 (the visions of MDMA+Weed are really really hard to describe, anyone who has tried it will know what I am talking about though)

 After what felt like and hour (10-15 minutes real time), we are finally home. I have a sort of "phew" thought and pray I'll last the tiny walk inside. I casually say in a saddend voice "I hate to say it but I have to run inside, Bob (not his real name) is waiting for me to send him something on Skype. Thanks for the ride though, and sleep well."

I run inside and quickly jump into bed. The bed is still having a slight E cozy feeling and I end the evening with some more Pink Floyd.

Upon waking up today, I still feel a bit scared of the things I saw and felt from the car ride. But I feel it passing safe and sound.

Absolutely any and all feedback will be happily read by me, hope you've enjoyed the read.

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