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1st Time Trip

2.5 Grams, new perceptions

Ok so this is my first trip. Happened yesterday and it went kinda like this;

First, the shrooms where Kathmandu - Nepal strain or type. I weighed out 1.1 Grams since it was my first time and didnt want to go overboard, so i started off slow. I just ate them straight and drank orange juice to wash them down.

Waited about an hour and i didn't feel any major difference only a bit jittery and anxious to see what was going to happen, then i thought I should take more because 1.1 just is not enough to take off, so I weighed out 0.7 Gs which now resulted in a total of 1.8 total, also i lemon teked the 0.7 so it wouldn't take so long to start working. I also prepared 1.5 Gs for my girlfriend who wanted to also try them, so now i'm at 1.8 and shes at 1.5 i lemon teked her 1.5.

eventually she ended up having a lot of visuals and wide range of thoughts, and my trip was a level 1, i think hers might have been level 2.

ok so after i gave her her 1.5 and i ingested my new .7 we sat on the couch watching TV and waiting to see what would happen, she started getting anxious so i told her to prepare a blunt so we can relax. while she did that i decided to weigh out another .7 for my grand total of 2.5 Gs. So after i ingest my 2.5 i get back to the room and she starts telling my a whole bunch of things shes seeing blah blah blah. While i cant describe the thing she experienced i can describe the thing i notice from my trip so here they go:

1. When I was cutting the lemon, I actually felt what the lemon felt as I was cutting it, it wasnt bad at all. The lemon is a fruit and its here for the injestion of humans if you will.

2. When my trip started the metaphor i like to use is like when a plane takes off and its on an incline going up, eventually it stops going up and settles and coasts after. I felt i was stuck at this incline when i was at 1.1 Gs -1.8 Gs, then when i up the dose to 2.5 is when the plane was officially settleling and began coasting, but on the come up you're neither here nor there, so i guess my advice is to be bold with your doses and have no fear, otherwise you tend to be in limbo.

3. DOGS, we have two little dogs and at one point I was in the kitchen looking down at them and i realized that as humans we ARE gods! because i put myself in the dogs perception and looked up at me and realized that we are giants to these animals, whether they're chickens, dogs, cats, pigs, etc. We are their giants that rule the earth and the have no choice but to follow our leads and for us to be their role models and so i think they actually expect us to be doing great things for this earth and this world instead of hating and fighting with each other...

4. TV the greatest mass hypnotist, and why? so laying in bed watching TV I realized that the tvs, and movies purpose is to program humans and teach them (more like tell them) how to react to situations, and a lot of commercials are based on sex and looking good, and its a complete programing of the mind. But why? and who or what would want to do this? So it seems like there's 2 different worlds, 1 is the natural world we can experience and then there this TV schooling world where we're shown a whole bunch of movies and stuff on the TV with the purpose of giving us a reality that as a result 'they' want us to live. So every scene of movie or show they all have they make up and perfect houses with pickect fence etc. but it's all staged and fake and filmed to look perfect, when its all a set up and not real, it's just so WE can believe it is real and as a result try to emulate that in OUR lives. The problem is that they spent hours on their hair and make up and wardrobe and picking locations to film, to have us believe it just happens all withing a few minutes and in one take, so we believe that OUR lives can be like that too, but its a programing of the mind... So I guess we ahve a choice, TV, Radio and anything that tell us a story to believe its real and that if "THEY did it" so can we.. Or to our very own unique ideas... looking forward to learning more on my future trips!!

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