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My first time taking an 1/8th, and later experiences

Mind reading, Hypnotist

The first time I ever did shrooms was with my buddy and my other friends apartment. I took an eighth and he took half an eighth. I also think he was on molly. Anyway, as the night goes on we are feelin' good, having a nice trip. At some point this friend and I end up in the kitchen and we lock eyes. Ever heard that the eyes are the window to the soul? It's true. As we maintained eye contact something happened. Our minds connected in a way that can't be explained with words. I could feel/hear his thoughts in my head, and he was feeling/hearing mine. We sat there communicating for hours without speaking.

I remember at certain points I felt very strongly that I had stumbled upon hidden knowledge I was not supposeed to have access to. During these times I would apologize profusely for initiating this with him. Whenever I looked up towards the ceiling, I swear I could feel God. I felt a presence that was infinite and immensely powerful. It was humbling. Then when I lowered my gaze, I felt like the king of the earth. I felt like no one was more powerful than me except for the being above me.

Some other things happened that night. I felt like a hypnotist but with my thoughts. It was quite strange. My buddies girl was also on some booms but she was in the other room. I randomly had this thought "Bens girlfriend, get mad at Ben." Instantly she comes storming in the room and starts yelling at him. I was in shock. Then I thought "stop". Immediately she stops yelling at him, looks around with a confused expression then says this "I'm sorry, I don't even know why I was yelling at you." Later she came into the room and said that an angel appeared to her and that it told her to follow me and my buddy and she will be safe. What's really weird is I have had two christian women tell me the same thing, except they said God told them, all while they were completely sober. I'm not sure what to make of that..

Also, I've done the mind reading thing with about 4 people since then. I can't explain it. But...it's awesome :)

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