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a Hole in Time?


O.K. we and lil brother went shroomin, we found about 4 p. cubensis, and about 50 p. subbalteatus. Apretty good day for us, but the cool part was I had a hunch, so I dug up the myceleium, a big ass chunk of it….and it fruited about 50 cubensis, ranging from very small to medium sized.I dried all the material, about 15 was my dosage, about 3grams.

I got reeady, got my oj , a pitch black room, and my stereo, with fan on full blast. I chewed up the dried shrooms in my mouth , the taste like a rotten sesame seed. It tookj about 1 hour for me feel any effect, my head began to float, colors became bright, lights were just odd, I decided I wanted to watch tv, so I just plopped on the couch, and foud something cool, the problem was every show seemed cool, but I had the dillema of choosing a show, for some odd reason I stopped on “Emeril “ or something on food tv, the tv began to churn, the screen looked alive like a jellyfish, it twisted and writhed, and I just stared. I decided to heighten the experience, so I had saved a fat roach from the night before, and smoked that up, instantly I began to feel great, I had this urge to dance, and have sex, man did I want to shag. So I come inside

And plop back onto my bed, I was listenin to the beastie boys intergalactic, and like in the middle of a word, I fell into a hole, my bed swallowed me into a hole in time I guess. It was black and every color at once. Both pitch black, and technicolor at the same time, I couldn’t quite percieve what I was seeing, but it was neat, I came, I heard the next part of the word I zoned out on, It felt like a day went by in about 1 nanosecond, Icontempleted what happened, and zoned out again, I was a bird, this was very vivid, eevrything looked so real, I flew over acient egypt and saw it as it was 2000 years ago, I dunno where I acquired this knowledge, but it was so real, unbelievably real.

The whole experienced lasted about 5-6 hours, it was great, I will do It again soon.

Oh yeah I had a lil stomach gas, but I did not feel bad at all

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